Umuahia North Traditional Rulers’ Chair, Eze Nwaigwe, Makes Case For N12 Asphalt In The Rehabilitation Of Existing Roads In Ohuhu

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Revered traditional ruler and Chairman Umuahia North Council of traditional rulers, His Royal Majesty Eze Innocent Nwaigwe, The Ike Uga 2 of Okaiuga Alaike Autonomous Community, has appealed to Abia State Governor Dr Alex Otti, to partner with the N12 Asphalt Construction Company, currently doing maintenance works in Ohuhu Ring road, in the rehabilitation of existing roads in Ohuhu-Umuahia.

Eze Innocent Nwaigwe made this appeal during his new year message to the people of Ohuhu, and Umuahia North LGA, during which he thanked them for their support in keeping peace in the community, and in the discharge of his duties as a traditional ruler.

The Chairman of Umuahia North Council of Traditional Rulers, who also appreciated Gov Alex Otti for the good works he is doing in Abia State, described the Abia Governor as God sent leader who should not be bothered nor distracted by the harassment and antics of the opposition.

Said he “I know the governor is a prudent man who knows how to manage money, and that is why he has been able to take us this far, because he knows what to do. So, I thank him, Okaiuga Alaike Community in Ohuhu is thanking him, the whole Umuahia North appreciates his good works, especially the rural community projects he is executing.

Eze Innocent Nwaigwe, further asked Gov Alex Otti to partner with N12 Asphalt Construction Company, which has started the rehabilitation of some failed roads in Ohuhu, with the active support of one of Ohuhu’s philanthropist, in the person of Chief (Dr) Chris Akachukwu Nwa-Abia, the founder of Team Nwa-Abia Movement.

The royal father begged Gov Otti to see how to expand the scope of job being done by N12 Asphalt in Ohuhu by partnering with them, to ensure the maintenance of Ohuhu roads. He expressed his delight with Chief Chris Nwa-Abia, who initiated the zero-pothole project in Ohuhu through the N12 Asphalt, while appealing to Gov Otti to assist them in the rehabilitation of all existing roads in Ohuhu.

In the words of Eze Nwaigwe, “Maybe we beg the governor to through the N12 Asphalt, to expand the scope of their job by partnering with them, to see that the potholes in all other Ohuhu roads are maintained. We will be grateful to him and let it be one of the rural engagements we will have, he is doing well in the capital city, so let him extend the work to the rural areas. He will agree that more people are living in the rural areas now than in the urban centres.

Continuing Eze Nwaigwe said “we thank the Hon (Chief) Chris Nwa-Abia, who has initiated this operation zero-pothole in Ohuhu with this company N12 Asphalt. But if the governor can assist him, he can expand the scope to take care of some other failed areas of our roads. We are grateful to him and if this is done, we thank the governor the more.

He said “Ohuhu is a very peaceful land, Ohuhu is a political hub in Abia State, so anything that the Governor gives to Ohuhu people will be very meaningful to the process and governance in the state, and I think we will be grateful. We are promising the governor that if these roads are done, we will make sure we secure and maintain them.

The revered traditional ruler commended the N12 Asphalt Construction Company for the quality job it is doing in Ohuhu, noting that they first scoop the expired red mud, and fill it with fresh laterite to hold stone base before asphalting. He described it as “actual road construction. It’s not about putting asphalt on top a decayed laterite…what they are doing is standard as far as construction of road is concerned and I’m happy for the job, he remarks.

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