APC In S’East A Nest Of Political Jobbers Out To Scuttle Peter Obi’s Presidency, Group Alleges

By NewsCritic Reporters

A Civil Society Group, the Coalition For Abia Unity, CAU, has raised the alarm that the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the South East region has become a nest for political jobbers recently recruited to scuttle the collective resolve of Nigerians to reclaim the country from vampires, and also to sabotage the interest of Igbos come the 2023 General Election.

In an exclusive telephone interview with NewsCritic online, CAU Secretary General, Comrade Ben Okechi said that some reactionary forces, who feel more entitled to the leadership of the country and who having come to perceive Peter Obi as a potent disruptive force, having so far failed to deflect and derail the revolutionary train have resorted to the recruitment of some willing political turncoats to wage war on the people.

According to him, while these hirelings abound in all the established political parties, majority as well as their coordinators are in the ruling APC.

He also noted that those on the pay roll of the oppressive forces, include two sitting governors, serving ministers, some chieftains of the parties and some other over fed political elites from the South East, who are seeing Obi as a big threat to their continued subjugation of the system and plundering of the common wealth.

Comrade Okechi, who is also in charge of the Research and Documentation Unit of the CAU, said credible information at its disposal shows that the core assignment of those recruited is to discredit, whittle down the rising profile of Obi at the home front and subsequently dampen the hope and enthusiasm of the people in the Obi movement.

He warned Nigerians, especially the South Easterners to expect more of such political “epistles ” from the Anambra State gov Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo as the ultimate game plan is to fight Obi from his main base, with a view to once again profiling the Igbos in the usual stereo typed manner as people who cannot be trusted with political power in the country.

“We have credible information about some of the people who have been hired by some desperate forces in APC, especially its presidential candidate to fight Obi and dampen the spirit of the people. They are being heavily financed with slush funds, while some of them receive their funds directly from their pay masters, majority of them receive theirs from the instrumentalities of the APC in the South East.

“As I’m talking to you now these hirelings having been designated for one appointment or the other in the event, they succeed in foisting their master on Nigerians. Even those of them contesting elections are not contesting to win, but there to accomplish the ultimate plan of sustaining the status quo.

For instance, in Abia the melodrama between Uche Ogah and Ikechi Emenike is all a farce. Two of them are not really contesting elections. They are executing the game plan of their common benefactor. The same paymaster is also bankrolling their legal tussle. For them, the forthcoming election is business as usual. We can confirm authoritatively that Emenike and Ogah are working for the same forces and are not interested in disrupting the system.  After the elections they will once again disappear, abandoning Abians and suffering Nigerians to their fate,” comrade Okechi alleged.

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