The Kind Of Leaders Ohuhu, Abia Deserve…Sycophancy A Dangerous Political Trend – Chris Nwa-Abia

The kind of leadership and representation Ohuhu and Abia State needs at this very critical time are not necessarily academic scholars or negotiators. We need people who will break their legs on the axe, who will break chairs on the heads of people holding us down, and don’t want us to make progress as a people. 

Actually, one does not need to negotiate for what rightly belongs to him and his people, so enough of this grammar and scam.

It is time for action and this action can’t be pulled by people who could easily be cornered or swayed by material things and forget the immediate situation of things which need drastic change. Enough of doing things the same old way and expecting a different result because it can’t work. Nobody gives what he or she doesn’t have. 

The most annoying thing is that we have allowed sycophancy to eat deep into the fabrics of our common reasoning, almost everybody in politics of Ohuhuland and our dear state Abia, eats and breaths sycophancy. This culture is very sad, pathetic and makes it difficult for people who should ordinarily be the mouthpiece of the masses talk like orphans and pupils in public discourse because of fear of being thrown out from the circle and close their source of supply.

Otherwise, how can we rightly justify that you even want to go to town to discuss something that concerns an autonomous or federated community, if you like on the way forward on the present political situation, how can you make any reasonable resolution in such a discussion if you don’t have a fixated mind set on what you want to achieve? Our ancestors will not be happy with us if we should blindly install candidates who are not concerned about community interest or development and would only use the opportunity to further their individual interests, while we remain where we are stunted in development and meaningful life.

We have taken enough of this nonsense and it must come to an end this time only if we are tired of the present situation of things in our land.

We have the record of every one of us and we are watching you!

Chris Akachukwu Nwa-Abia

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