Obi Aguocha Breaks Silence: ‘I’ll Not Seek Re-election As PG Ohuhu Welfare Union’

President General Ohuhu Welfare Union worldwide, Supreme Chief Obi Aguocha, has declared that he won’t seek re-election into the office of President General when his first tenure expires in 2022.
Sir Obi Aguocha insisted that he would leave office at the end of his first tenure, which expires this year to allow a new leadership to be put in place.
He said that his decision to decline to run for a second term is without prejudice to the  amended constitution which made it possible for him to complete two terms in office if he so desires.
The NewsCritic online reports that on 30th December, 2020 the Annual General Convention of Ohuhu Welfare Union amended the Constitution to enable the present leadership seek a second term in office after its first term of three years. The Constitution was amended to allow Sir Obi Aguocha and his team continue due to their sterling performance so far in office.
However, while addressing the Ohuhu Concerned Citizens Forum led by Elder O.C Ajunwa on January 25, 2022 at Ekeoba, Sir Obi Aguocha disclosed that he has decided not to seek re-election when his tenure expires in 2022.
Said the President General, “I’ll choose not to continue in office after the amendment of the Constitution by the Ohuhu Welfare Union General Convention to that effect”, he declares.
Chief Obi Aguocha called for cooperation to support and prioritize the interest of Ohuhu candidates, who are seeking for elective positions in the forthcoming General Election.
He maintained that the Ohuhu Welfare Union issued a press statement to clarify that Ohuhu never endorsed any candidate as reported in a section of the media, adding that all Ohuhu people have fundamental rights of association but must refrain from using the name of Ohuhu, because it’s only the President General is authorised to speak for Ohuhu.
Obi Aguocha said that in a situation where Ohuhu candidates are interested in an elective office “we must prioritize theirs ahead of others”.
The President General Ohuhu Welfare Union regretted that many of our illustrious sons and daughters God have blessed rarely participate or come home to help in the development of Ohuhu land. He explained that by February work would begin at the failed bridge linking Amaogwugwu, Umungasi and Umuagu communities, while seeking the involvement and support of Ndi Ohuhu to start the project.
Again, Sir Obi Aguocha disclosed that the ground breaking ceremony of the Ohuhu Civic Centre and Sports Complex project, which appears as if it is doomed would hold February 2022. He called on all sons and daughters of Ohuhu to come and contribute generously for the Actualization of the projects.
He admitted that running the affairs of Ohuhu Welfare Union has never been easy, but expressed gratitude to all the various organs and individuals who have placed implicit trust and confidence in his leadership because they have remained accountable to the people.
According to Obi Aguocha, the Ikwuano has cheated Ohuhu a lot as far as the House of Representatives seat is concerned, this time the seat is due to Ohuhu and it’s our collective desire”, he notes. To him “we must evolve a strategy of consensus so that we can put forward the right candidates for the job”.
The Ogwumabiri Umuahia and Udo Ji Agu-Ohuhu promised to look into the demand by the Ohuhu Concerned Citizens Forum to be made an organ of the Welfare Union, saying that a legal committee has been set up to know where they would fit in.
He is of the hope that his successor would take the Ohuhu leadership as a full time job.

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