Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna (Pat-Urchman) Condemns Abia Speaker’s Endorsement By Ohuhu Political Stakeholders

Ohuhu Umuahia born business leader and philanthropist, High Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna, Pat-Urchman for short has condemned the recent call by Hon Emeka Elias Ihedioha of Ohuhu origin, drumming support for the candidature of Ibeku son as governor in 2023.
In a press statement issued by Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna in Umuahia, he stressed that no Ohuhu son that is in his right mind should promote such agenda considering the fact that our Ibeku brothers have done governorship eight years, Senate eight years and Speaker of House of Assembly for eight years respectively.
“They should be considerate enough for the sake of equity to give their Ohuhu brothers chance to take a shot at the goveenorship. I don’t believe that the Speaker I know will contemplate of running for governorship position in 2023, in view of the fact that his father, Sen T.A Orji was the immediate past governor who handed over to Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.
He father is also a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and while the son is the current Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly”, Pat-Urchman pointed out.
The statement further said “does it mean that all the significant electoral positions coming to Umuahia must be occupied by one family?

“I suggest that anyone who has been in elected office for eight years should give way to others. The money you have made let it be channelled into business ventures.
“Anambra is the richest state in Igbo land, but their main sources of income isn’t from politics, because there are many other ways to be rich and not through politics alone.

“Therefore, I’m highly disappointed with the Ohuhu Elders and so called Political Stakeholders, who were present when the controversial endorsement was made by Emeka Elias Ihedioha but couldn’t rebuke or call him to order immediately.
“I’ll rather advice that we find a better way of getting favour from the Ibeku overlords, without dragging the name of Ohuhu into it.

“I am appealing to the relevant authorities, leaders in Ohuhu, the Ohuhu Council of Traditional Rulers and the leadership of Ohuhu Welfare Union to demand an unreserved apology from Prince Emeka Elias over this show of insensitivity to the plight of Ndi Ohuhu and the Ohuhu Agenda.

“I insist that Ohuhu must support our own first come 2023 irrespective of political party or platform. We can only support Ibekus in a situation where the office in question is not being contested by any candidate from Ohuhu, and since they are our closest brothers and also share strong affinity with Ohuhu.

“The people of Ohuhu can’t continue to play second fiddle to any group or people and remain in servitude due to stomach infrastructure and pecuniary political gains of a negligent few.

A word should be enough for the wise!
Ohuhu huru uzo nmanmanuooo!

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