Umuahia COVID-19 Case: Obi Aguocha Promises To Partner With Govt To Stop Community Transmission

President General Ohuhu Welfare Union, Sir Obi Aguocha has promised to assist the Abia State Government in tracing and isolating the Covid-19 index patient who happens to come from Umuahia in the event he or she come from Ohuhu land.

Aguocha in a press release made available to the NewsCritic online disclosed that he has requested for the index patient’s clan of origin information to enable the union move swiftly to secure and isolate the area to stop community transmission of the disease.

The release read “The Abia State Government yesterday announced the first confirmation of not one but two index patients who tested positive to the highly contagious novel SARS-COV-2 Virus that causes the Covid-19 sickness that is currently killing so many people all over the world. Of the two patients, one lives in Ukwa, and the other is based in Umuahia North.

“Going by the announcement, Umuahia North is a novel Corona Virus ground-zero in Abia State, making our communities of Ohuhu and Ibeku frontline communities for the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are working through the highest levels of Abia State Government and its Public Health sector to first ascertain the Clan of origin of the confirmed index patient from Umuahia North. This will help us to assist the government narrow down any persons who may have been in contact with the index patient, and to further isolate the immediate village and its environs from further spread, should the patient be from or reside in Ohuhu.

“I have been assured the requested index patient’s Clan of origin information will be made available to us at some point today.

By this notice, we are directing thus:

(i)  All Town and/or Autonomous Community Development Unions to henceforth activate their respective *Covid-19 response units* and make their contact information immediately made available to the Ohuhu Welfare Union,

(ii). That all meetings of any type in Ohuhu, including Church events, markets, drinking parlors, burials and football or organized contact sporting activities remain suspended indefinitely.

(iii)  That the ongoing food relief efforts to our indigent and most vulnerable compatriots are to go on, but on smaller scales; reducing the convergence at any place to no more than 10 persons at a time, with everyone wearing nose masks and strictly adhering to social distance protocols.

These are going to be very difficult times, but we are certain that by trusting each other and observing all the required Covid-19 protocols, constantly washing our hands with soap and running water and/or rubbing our hands with original sanitizers, maintaining good hygiene, and social distancing, we will overcome the scourge by the special grace of God.

We will be updating ndị Ohuhu periodically on developments. We encourage all Ohuhu online platforms to assist in reaching as many Ohuhu sons and daughters as possible with updates.

It is our duty to help each other to be informed and to stay safe.

The Almighty God that has been our help in ages past remains our hope for years to come. Therefore, we shall equally overcome even this.

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