There’s No Crisis In Golden Guinea Breweries, Says Core Investor Sir Nzenwa

By The NewsCritic Reporters

The Core Investor of Golden Guinea Breweries Limited, Sir Okey Nzenwa has dispelled reports that the breweries which returned to business recently is facing some crisis which has led to shutdown of production and scarcity of the product in the market.

Speaking to the NewsCritic online Editor in a telephone interview, Sir Nzenwa disclosed that there is no problem whatsoever in the organisation affecting its production, adding that the breweries is only concerned on maintaining its brand quality despite government policies and closure of borders that impacted on the supplies of raw materials.

He said that production is going on after the breweries started getting supplies of the active ingredients like Malted barley which is the vital ingredient its uses in its production because of its policy to maintain high quality brew.

Sir Nzenwa said that the products should be in the market by now because they have started distribution within the South East, and Umuahia in particular since last weekend, adding that from today being Monday, March 23, 2020 the Golden Guinea lager beer will be available at the various drinking spots to customers to delight in their favourite beer.

He explained that the market rush of its products affected its availability to customers, saying that the shortage has been taken care of as the beer is now in the market.

Said he: “The issue is that we don’t want to reduce our quality because we brew with malted barley and we ran out of supplies due to the closure of the borders. We have sorghum in large stock but we don’t want to do that because it will affect our standard, so we decided to hold on until we started getting supplies again.

“Right now we are brewing and the products have been pushed to the market and will be available to customers from this moment. You know that due to the high quality of our products people rushed it, so we don’t want to compromise on our quality.

Investigations by the NewsCritic in Umuahia revealed that drinking places have started to get supplies. At Maintown Lounge located at Crowther Street Umuahia, the manager Mr Okechukwu Nwachukwu told this reporter that his supplier has just called to inform him that Golden Guinea lager beer is now available.

The beer parlour manager further stated that within a short space of time the product jumped from N1,950 per carton to N2,200 and above before it became scare. He stressed that they are happy now that the product is available for customers.

NewsCritic reports that GGBL is the only indigenous breweries in Nigeria today and the product is competing with the other brands in the market. In Umuahia it has become the beer of choice for the many young men and women who love quality brew.   

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