Abia Is God’s Own state

By John Okiyi Kalu

Have you ever said “we are God’s people and Coronavirus and other killer diseases will not affect us in Jesus name?”

If yes, you said exactly what Governor Ikpeazu said in that interview: “Abia is the only state in the Bible and God will protect us”.

Does that mean he didn’t practically prepare to protect his people by taking measures to prevent the outbreak of the disease in our state and even plan the protocols in the unlikely case it does happen?

The answer is NO! In that interview, he highlighted what needs to be done, the protocols for prevention and containment.

The only difference is that we are not panicking but rather preparing to deal with any situation that confronts and also relying on God to help us as usual.

Let’s move to other issues. Abia remains God’s own state and we are hopeful God will protect us from Coronavirus even as we continue to sanitise our environment, sensitize our people and also ready our containment plan as well as deploy necessary materials to protect our people.

I can boldly state that no state in Nigeria today is as prepared as Ikpeazu’s Abia but we continue to pray that God answers our prayer and protects every Abian and resident from the dreadful Coronavirus.

“Laborare est orare” means to work is to pray…Abia has in the past been protected by God even when we prepared to protect our people. We will continue to pray for God’s protection even while we work hard to ensure our people are protected.

In addition, Abia as one of the few non-infected states with 3 isolation centers already in place and over 20,000 bottles of 100ml and 50,000 units of 5ml of hand sanitizers made available to schools, markets, churches, offices and such other institutions, with more being provided as the days go by, over 50,000 face masks procured already, health workers trained to handle possible outbreak and currently sourcing for test kits from local and international markets cannot be said to be unprepared.

A state that has asked all primary and secondary schools to conclude exams and vacate by March 30, 2020, provided hand washing buckets with taps for schools,  ordered the indefinite postponement of Abia State University (ABSU) convocation earlier slated for March 27, 2020 despite enormous resources, efforts and the monumental inconveniences it is going to cause all stakeholders including high ranking invited guests, and also ordered the immediate closure of all state-run tertiary institutions from Saturday, March 21, with N10m grant availed each of such institutions for online tutorials to their students, a COVID-19 committee in place which is studying the application of hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin and other options including the yet to be licensed indigenous intervention of Prof. Ezeibe, CANNOT BE SAID TO BE UNPREPARED!

What is more? Today, we are deploying our Tele-Health infrastructure to track and guide all expatriates as well as recent returnees into Abia. Where else are all these steps being taken if not Abia?

But our Governor says, and rightly so, that Corona virus is not a death sentence and is certainly NOT ABOVE God’s mercy!!!

From the foregoing, it is an incontrovertible fact that Abia is both prepared against the deadly Corona virus and insists that ABIA IS GOD’S OWN STATE.

Thank you.


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