Obi Aguocha: The New Face Of Ohuhu Leadership

By NewsCritic Reporters

Tomorrow Monday, November 12, 2019 will be a day that the Ohuhu people of Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State will elect a new leadership that will pilot the affairs of the Ohuhu Welfare Union, the Pan Ohuhu socio-cultural organisation.

The election is going to be a historic one because of the calibre of candidates that have indicated their interests to vie for the various elective positions in the executive committee of the union. But one man that stands out in the race for the President-General of the Ohuhu Welfare Union is Chief Obi Aguocha, the scion of the Aguocha family of Okaiuga-Nkwoegwu-Umuahia.

Obi Aguocha, a one-time governorship candidate in Abia State has the enviable record of restoring peace in his community after almost two decades of leadership crisis, in a manner that stunned even pundits. After many years in Diaspora, Obi returned home to help build his community and state in general. His contributions to the development of Ohuhu land is innumerable, according to one Ohuhu leader.

Therefore, it is of little wonder that he has been adopted by the Okaiuga-Nkwoegwu people as their sole candidate for the office of the President-General of Ohuhu Welfare Union, in the election slated for tomorrow, Monday 12th. His adoption and endorsement across the length and breadth of Ohuhu communities is in appreciation of his leadership qualities, which manifested during his leadership of the Okaiuga-Nkwoegwu community following the elusive peace his brought to the community.

For the Ohuhu people, it is going to be a new dawn tomorrow as the delegates from all the villages in Ohuhu land elect a new leadership, which is going to be a confirmation of what the Okaiuga-Ngwoegwu people started by endorsing Aguocha as the sole candidate.

However, the task before Aguocha and his team is going to be a daunting one, given that successive leaderships of the union have failed to live up to expectations, except the leadership of Chief Longman Nwachukwu, which Hon Clement Onyeoziri scored high in terms of performance and focus.

The incoming executive that is going to be led by our own Aguocha has a duty to reposition Ohuhu land to take its rightful position in the scheme of things. The new leadership must try to meet the expectations of the people both by showing leadership and to have a clear vision on how to move Ohuhu forward.

Also, the allegations that past leaderships of Ohuhu were primarily concerned in making overseas trips for their personal gains can’t be said of Aguocha, who lived most of his life abroad. Again, the incoming President-General has to resolve the controversy over the name of the body as the allegation is that Ohuhu Welfare Union wants to trade its name with Ohuhu Development Union which is the Diaspora name.

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