Chikwe Udensi: The Blind Bat Chasing Shadows? 

By Jude Ndukwe

I have just read the unprovoked outburst and acerbic attack of one Chikwe Udensi against former Governor of Abia State and Senator representing Abia Central at the National Assembly, Senator T.A. Orji.

The barrage of uncomplimentary remarks made by Udensi on radio against Ochendo on Wednesday and transcribed by some blogs, was in reaction to some statements made by a former commissioner in Abia State which had no bearing whatsoever to Senator T.A. Orji. But because Udensi must continue to exhibit his ludicrous voyeurism that makes him fixated on the Ochendo Dynasty, he turned it on against Senator T. A. Orji.

Firstly, Udensi, a man who is alleged to be notorious for his ignominious reputation as a serial wife beater and champion of domestic violence, has since surrendered, or better still, lost every moral modicum to pontificate on the issues of governance in Abia State and rlsewhere. A man who is alleged to physically assault his otherwise beautiful wife lacks both the mental and emotional intelligence needed to administer his household and will surely find the issues of governance too complex to comprehend. So when he runs to radio stations to talk about governance and government, he exposes his crass ignorance to the public thereby making himself a laughing stock.

Mrs Chidinma Udensi, before and after she was allegedly pummelled by her husband, Chikwe Udensi

It is because of people like him that made the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji FNSE ensured the passage of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law to safeguard our women from the overbearing actions of people like Chikwe Udensi.

A self-styled security expert who goes about aggressively breaching other people’s rights, Udensi deserves both pity and rehabilitation before he ends up irredeemably self-immolated.

During the APGA primary election for a candidate that would fly the party’s flag at the just concluded governorship election in the state, Udensi who was roundly defeated in the exercise after polling just twelve votes behind Prof Greg Ibe, Etigwe Uwa SAN and Major General Ijioma N. Ijioma (rtd), was reported to have sneaked out of the venue only for him to go on radio, as usual, to announce himself as winner of that exercise while lambasting all the other candidates including the national leadership of APGA.

He even went ahead on air to make the outlandish claim that the well-respected Maj. Gen. Ijioma (rtd) was dismissed from the Army. But when the General threatened to discipline him as the veteran that he is if he did not retract the falsehood with an apology, Udensi quickly returned to the radio station to withdraw his grossly ill-advised mendacity peddled against the General, and withdrew same with hurried repentance.

That is the kind of character that he is.

Now, who should take such a loquacious interloper who is known to speak before engaging his brain, seriously?

If he thinks that appearing on the radio every week to spew balderdash and call out his leaders by weaving provocative narratives around them is a way to be popular, then he has missed it. Desperation is surely doing him in. He was the governorship candidate of PPA in 2015; he was a governorship aspirant in APGA in 2019, and also an aspirant in APGA in the 2023 election processes. For every time he threw his hat in the ring, he was always left with bloodied nose because the people already know his character and will only listen to him for his comic value but can never thrust any public office like that of a Governor on him no matter how hard he tries. The Office of the Governor of Abia State is for serious-minded people and not for garrulous elements like Udensi.

The reason Chikwe Udensi keeps attacking Ochendo is simply because, as Governor, Senator T.A. Orji insisted on doing the right thing despite intense and immense pressure from powerful quarters by ensuring that power shifted to Abia South in 2015.

Udensi, who hails from Arochukwu in Abia North where Senator T.A. Orji’s predecessor, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu hails from, felt undone by that arrangement, and insisted on contesting the election nevertheless against the spirit of equity, justice, fairness, brotherhood and good conscience which Sen. T.A. Orji tried to entrench by the power shift arrangement since both Abia North and Abia Central had taken their turns with only Abia South yet to have a shot at the Office.

Of course, Abians agreed with Ochendo and voted massively along the line of equity thereby leaving Udensi roundly defeated again.

Pained by that development, Chikwe Udensi has not forgiven Ochendo and has taken it upon himself to attack the Abia Central Senator at every turn

To continue to attempt to disparage Ochendo at the slightest opportunity is Udensi’s shortest route to ambition frustration and decimation because our people say, “If you honour your elders and leaders, you pave way for your own greatness. And if you do not, you suffer the ignominy!”

While one is not averse to the criticism of leaders, it should be done objectively to foster the overall growth and development of the state and not to disparage any individual or use same as an instrument of vengeance. Udensi should have known better, but his blind ambition has turned him to a bat chasing shadows.

His relatives will do well to get him leashed in a psychiatric facility for some check to prevent a further deterioration of his condition that makes him attack the innocent. This is just an advice from a concerned citizen!

Jude Ndukwe, Umuahia

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