Chief Agu Ojukwu, Ex-chief Economic Adviser Thanks Nigerian Youths For The Gift Of Peter Obi

…says he is knowledge avowal

By NewsCritic Reporters

Former Chief Economic Adviser to then Gov of Abia State Senator T. A Orji, Chief Agu Ojukwu, has made a strong case for the election of Mr Peter Obi as the next President of Nigeria, arguing that the Labour Party candidate is knowledge avowal and likely to use the collective wisdom of Nigerians to lead. He also thanked Nigerian youths for giving us a gift in Peter Obi.

Addressing a press conference in Umuahia on Monday ahead of the February 25, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections, Chief Agu Ojukwu, maintained that if Nigerians make any mistake in this election by voting the wrong candidate, there would be disaster everywhere.

According to him the situation in the country today is terrible, adding that there is hope only if Nigerians would get it right come this Saturday. “I want to let Nigerians to know there is hope and that hope is knowledge, only if we can elect someone who has knowledge avowal”.

Chief Agu Ojukwu pointed out that Nigeria is at the crossroads and need a president who is humble to deploy the right process in order to transform the country economically. “I want to thank the Nigerian youths because they have given us a gift in Peter Obi…all of us are running for the presidency of Nigeria through Peter Obi”, he quipped.  

He called on the thinking elites to step forward and bring out their knowledge “let us haul excess knowledge at Peter Obi to sieve them”. Chief Ojukwu reiterated his earlier stand that this is a make or mar election for Nigeria that should not be joked with, saying that it is not true that the Nigeria economy is difficult to fix”.

He therefore called on the citizens of Nigeria to vote right and eschew primordial sentiments in their choice of the right candidate because this is one opportunity Nigerians should not waste.

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