Hon Ugochukwu Ezeocha: Meet The Ingenious Grassroots Politician With Outstanding Legislative Qualities

By Chukwuma Azubuike

Africa is long understood as humanity’s birthplace, the richness of language and tradition in Africa is unique and powerful. African values imbedded in strong moral consideration. 

In African tradition and customs, it is a high ideal to give a child a name that is inspiring and full of meaning. More often than not, names are given because of the meanings they conveyed which could reflects the belief and values or hopes and dreams of the child’s expected role in life.  

No wonder, chief EZEOCHA of Amafor Isingwu, in Isingwu Autonomous Community thoughtfully and carefully named his beloved son – UGOCHUKWU. 

The names Ugochukwu Ezeocha implies Godswill, Anointing, Justice, Peace and dreams of hope. However, the contextual meaning of his names may represent beyond what I have mentioned, but our point of interest is that the lifestyle and altitude of this young man clearly reflects his names, right from his childhood. His kinsmen and people who have come across him have testified to the fact that his candour and demeanour at all times are only but altruistic and in line with his names. 

The quintessential young man who by dint of handwork achieved success early in life and still keep his head down, has an outstanding quality that is worthy of emulation. Hon Ugochukwu Ezeocha is courageous and pursues his convictions with vigour and panache. 

The Umuahia based federal contractor and politician, Hon Ugochukwu Ezeocha has introduced an awesome, humble, placid and well-mannered demeanour in the politics and development of Umuahia North state constituency. His ingenious political innovations have become a model for many budding politicians within our clime. The Amafor Isingwu born big boy has won the hearts of Ohuhu people through his political flair, very silent.

Hon Ugochukwu Ezeocha has proved his integrity, sincerity, prudence and has exhibited impressive maturity, articulation and vibrancy that a lot of his competitors are being constrained to appreciate him with large heart.  

The need to constructively highlight some salient strides of Hon Ugochukwu Ezeocha is obvious. As we all know that most great achievers are too humble to blow their trumpet. And definitely, it will come up in the next write- up. 

Chukwuma Azubuike writes from Abia State

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