Abia 2023: Group Warns Against Imposition Of Unpopular Candidates Ahead Party Primaries

Ahead of the primaries to elect flagbearers for the  political parties in to various Offices come the 2023 general elections, political parties in Abia state have been urged to resist the temptations of imposing unelectable candidates on the people,  as the good people of the state are poised more than ever to reject any unpopular and incompetent candidates put forward by any of the major political platforms.

The call which was made by  a group ” GET ABIA RIGHT” also said it will by the end of May this year begin a concerted and  aggressive move to sensitize the state electorate on the need to reject at the polls all those who are manifestly unpopular and incompetent to promote the interest of their people. In a press statement jointly signed by Comrades Uchenna Maxwell Adiele Chairman, Uka Joseph Kalu Vice Chairman and Ikechukwu Raymond Ukaeje Secretary, the Get Abia Right ” group specifically appealed to the political parties not to present to the electorate people who don’t have any business being in politics by virtue of their antecedents. “Our major concern are the current House of Assembly members who are angling to go back. Our findings have shown that most of them are unworthy of a return to the hallow chambers of Abia state House of Assembly on account of their abysmal performance. We are going to stop all the current members of the House who have nothing to offer the people, except the promotion of their selfish interest. We are issuing a warning here that no matter the name of the parties and how ever popular they think they are; we are poised to mobilize voters against any of them that foist on the people unpopular candidates, the group warns.

Although, according to them their monitoring operations cover the three senatorial zones of the state, however they are closely following developments in four state constituencies namely Arochukwu, ABA central, Ukwa West and East, noting that the current members representing them have shown glaring signs of incompetence and failure so much so that they are undeserving of re-election on any political platforms that have conscience and the interest of the people at heart.

“In the fullest of time, we will expose all the current House of Assembly members that have failed, but still want to be re-elected. But at the moment, we are advising the political parties, as well as their delegates to please distance themselves from the current members representing the state constituencies of Arochukwu, Aba Central, Ukwa West and East.

This is because presenting them at the polls will tantamount to testing the will of the people. Already some of them have been going about bragging about how they have set aside a substantial amount to secure the tickets of their parties. Well, our position is that the parties should note that there is a big change in the political temperature of the country now because of the amended Electoral Act. The parties should equally be properly guided on the disposition of the people presently. What all this amount to is that it is not going to be business as usual at the polls. So, any of the parties that decide to field candidates that are not popular with the masses in Abia state is on a journey to Electoral disaster, the statement further noted.

The group also appealed to the political parties to give priority to the younger ones in their choice of candidates for the state legislature, noting that in most present climes, legislative functions are better handled by vibrant people of young age. According to them, the lack lustre performances of most of the present members of the state House of Assembly are partly due to their ages.  “The bottom line of our position is that we need strong, vibrant and innovative young people at the Abia state House of Assembly, not tired people who are completely lacking in initiatives, the group stated.

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