HURIDE Director Calls For Special Health Policy For The Poor, Settles Hospital Bills For Indigent Patients In Ebonyi

The Executive Director of Human Rights, Liberty Access and Peace Defenders’ Foundation (HURIDE), Dede Uzor A Uzor, has called on both Federal and State Governments to upscale health delivery services to allow hospitals treat indigent individuals with life threatening sicknesses

Dede Uzor spoke shortly after paying hospital bills and other sundry expenses for two patients at Alex Ekwueme Teaching Hospital, Abakiliki amounting to over three hundred thousand naira.

The two patients are Baby Sandra, a two months old baby who had kidney failure and Oluchi Ogbonna also with kidney failure patient.

Unfortunately Baby Sandra Edoi died Monday night according to some medical experts, her heart has been submerged with growth and has became irremediable.

Dede Uzor said the call became neccessary because there are people whose lives can be saved but because of lack of money by their family, they were allowed to die.

Unfortunately, he said, hospitals are not charitable organizations that can treat patients, provide drugs and services free of charge except our various governments have a policy that will take care of such persons with good health insurance and policies.

He lamented that after paying about N49,460.00 for baby Nkiru, she still died, saying that even after her death her people didn’t not have money to return her corpse to their place in Ogoja,Cross River State and he had to donate another N20,000 for their transport to enable hospital authorities allow her to go.

Another pathetic experience, he said, was the case of a 16 -year old Oluchi Ogbonna, who is also down with kidney failure.

Miss Ogbonna who had stayed in the hospital for about ten months goes through dialysis every week which cost almost N55,000. 00 per each dialysis.

The burden of paying for the dialysis was becoming unbearable for the family, saying that transplant was not an option because her people could not afford it.

Dede Uzor said he paid about N 260, 000 for her three weeks dialysis, hospital bills and take home drugs.

In all,said Dede Uzor, he paid total of N311,770 for both late Baby Sandra and Oluchi who hails from Edefi in Ohaozara Local Government of Ebonyi State.

The payment was made through the Welfare Officer, Mrs Sorochi Otu while the duo of ComradeUzodimma Orji the public relations Officer of the teaching hospital contributed immensely to easy facilitation of payments among other things, they were appreciative of the gesture both of them have been admitted in his platform.

The payment was in line with Dede Uzor’s promise that substantial part of the money contributed for him by members of Human Rights Defender Nig platform will be channel as part of succour for those in need and accident victims, would be used to pay hospital bills.

He thanked the members for the outpouring of their love for him in his challenging time, praying that God will keep them and their household even as he urged wealthy and public spirited NIgerians to take up the cost of transplant for Oluchi.

Mrs Sorocho Otu, the Head of Welfare,Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki can be reached for further donations to Oluchi with 07066064109 while the Public Relation Officer Comrade Orji Uzodinma Orji GSM 08037026114.

Mrs Sandra Edoi who lost her baby can also be reach with 07065641828

HURIDE Director Dede Uzor

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