More Schools Benefit From Prof Greg Ibe’s Equip Abia Primary And Secondary Schools Programme

Recently, he donated over 1000 (one thousand) copies of reading materials and multiple digital Computer Sets to Abia State University Secondary school otherwise known as International Secondary school Uturu in his ongoing “Equip Abia Primary and Secondary schools programme”

The Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu, Prof Greg Ibe, while speaking through his representative Comrade Christian Ofondu stated that his enthusiasm to equip Abia State primary and secondary schools with learning materials was born out of his interest to assist in providing a solid foundation for our children who will become outstanding at tertiary levels due to the enabled environment.

While recalling that the donations to Abia State University Secondary school has progressively brought the number of schools reached in his “Equip Abia Secondary and Primary Schools programme” in Abia State to 800 (eight hundred) schools, he sighted that not too long ago, he was at Danijoy Primary and secondary schools to perform same exercise.

The Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu further explained that the program is an old one. It started during the tenor of Governor T A Orji.

Prof Greg Ibe stated, he has no particular preference to any Abia State Primary or Secondary School for this exercise but is determined to reach as many schools as possible in Abia State.

Prof Greg Ibe disclosed that his special interest for Abia State University Secondary school Uturu is not only because it is situated in his home town but the fact he was one of those who built Abia State University in the 1980s and also taught in the University before establishing Gregory University Uturu.

In addition to the donations, he assured the School full partnership especially in areas of their needs and directed his ICT team of Engineers to immediately move in to repair the school ICT department.

He promised the school he will solve problems of her perennial power supply by the end of year 2021.

Responding on behalf of the management, Staff and students of Abia State University Secondary school; the Principal Dr Mrs Ijeoma Victoria Ike-Inegbu, who received the donations thanked the Chancellor and proprietor of Gregory University Uturu; Prof Greg Ibe for always considering the school, number one in the list of beneficiaries of his donations of education materials especially in Abia State.

She went further to recall that earlier, Prof Greg Ibe donated science and Laboratory equipments to them and now has donated over 1000 reading materials and digital computer sets to the school. She commended him for occasioning the repairs of the school ICT center and thanked him for his promise to restore light in the entire Uturu community in no distant time which will benefit everyone .

She described Prof Greg Ibe as a divine gift from God almighty not only to Isuikwuato but to Abia State in particular and Nigeria in general.

The senior Prefect of Abia State University Secondary School; Master Michael Okoroafor while responding on behalf of the students, described Prof Greg Ibe as a “Father to all” and prayed God to continue to guide and protect him, adding that they are privileged to benefit from him.

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