Opinion: Before Abia State Becomes ‘A Banana Republic’- Engr Choice Okoro

By Engr Choice Okoro

I have carefully digested all the articles on Sir Ako Obioma ” How Abia Destroys its Own” and the so called Tantrums from alleged defenders of former Governor T A Orji/son and my first reaction was “Odi egwuoo”.
How can a young man, who innocently obliged a call to partake in developing his own state be treated like this, yet people and culprits are reacting to it in this disdain manner without realising that we are talking about N4 billion, someone’s hard earned money.
I thought the first thing would have been the present Governor seeking a means of parcifying this young man by inviting and dialoguing with him as to finding a meeting point, to solving this payment problem.
Another option is the former Governor whom he described in his two articles as his senior brother, who incidentally is Godfather to the present Governor and holds sway to the present government with his son as Speaker, to discuss with his predecessor and agree on a sincere term of paying this young man and resolving this huge impact on the businesses of his companies.
The most disheartening of it all is that this young man is from Abia state, a major financial member of PDP, from same town Umuahia with the former governor whom he refers to as his senior brother, and a supposedly friend to the present governor Dr Okezie Ikpeazu whom he served as the Chairman fund raising of his most difficult election in life.
I also remember His Excellency Dr Goodluck Jonathan in commissioning the PDP presidential campaign headquarters (legacy House) at Maitama, Abuja in january 2015 threw eulogies on this same young man, Dr Davies Ako Obioma. His words, “this edifice was renovated, furnished and equipped at a cost more than N250m free as his contribution to the party by a young man whom I have not met before, I’m shocked that quite unlike others, he could not even be here to be part of this unveiling because the date clashed against his holiday period with his family”. Governor T A Orji and incumbent Governor Okezie Ikpeazu were there and recieved the glory because that young man, Dr Ako Obioma is from their state.
No matter how anyone looks at his both articles, the stories are quite pathetic and Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. Threat and confrontation cannot be a solution. Have you thought a scenario where this big boy turns a Boko Haram to your state.
A word is enough to the wise and a stitch in time saves nine.

Engr Choice Okoro, writes from Ebonyi state.

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