Gov Okezie Ikpeazu Has Achieved More Than His Predecessors In Office- Chief Ako Obioma

Having listened to the unfortunate and uncomplimentary comments of Senator Adeyemi on the floor of the senate which I consider highly irresponsible and uncouth against my focused Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD).

I stand to say that Senator Smart Adeyemi is either on some unnatural influence, ill-informed or outrightly mischievous, yes, I have my differences with Abia State government which led to my company taking Abia state government to court over the huge debt amounting to 4 billion naira being owed my companies by his predecessor, I have followed the governing strategy and focused leadership of Dr. Ikpeazu and I have come to admire his foresight, uprightness and genuine intention to develop Abia State.

I am quite privileged to have access to all the past administrations military and civilian governors and administrators that have governed this state as my company was the first major contractor to work for Abia state upon creation in 1991, and over time I have had direct relationships and executed major projects in the state for all the past Governors, having established that, I must tell you that Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu is not only doing very well for our dear state Abia, but he is good intentioned and focused on sustainable and enduring development of the state much more than every other person that has administered the affairs of this state.

With my experience in active road construction and building spanning over 30 years and having worked for all the Governors from creation of Abia state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is the only Governor that has shown Genuine intentions to develop Abia State after Air Vice Marshall Frank Ajobena.

Honestly, I admire his style of leadership and the manner he has avoided distractions and joining of issues with critics of his government but has rather remained resolute and on track despite many years of judicial battle, Dr Ikpeazu had devoted his time in building lasting structures and human capacity without much advertisements.

He is peace personified and his government is witnessing the best peace and less political confrontation in Abia state than any other civilian administration.

for the purposes of hindsight so as not to be misconstrued.

As a major stakeholder in PDP, from his start of campaign in 2014 to inception of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu administration, we had an agreement to gradually offset the debt owed my companies by his predecessor and in other not to lose focus, I decided that my company will not take any fresh contract from his government until the old debt is settled.

I must state that even though His Excellency, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu have not been able to make the payment as agreed or honored any part of the agreements we reached, but what he has done for the state in the area of infrastructure and human capital development leaves me with no choice than to support his policies and administration.

The Umuopara ring road we are presently constructing was awarded and abandoned by his predecessor in 2008 and we were called to return to site under controversial circumstances.

Irrespective of our differences Dr. Ikpeazu, has my full support and every well-meaning Abian irrespective of party affiliation or personal misgivings should support and encourage the great works and giant strides of Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu in Abia state.

Truth must be told, Abians will be proud and will miss Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu dearly upon his exit from office.

My prayer is that his successor will be as focused and result oriented as Dr. Ikpeazu and even more.

God bless, Abia State.

Dr. Ako Obioma, the Akubaraoha 1 of Umuopara and Chairman Daman Group Ltd.

Writes from Umuahia south

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