Social Media User Apologizes to Abia Speaker for Spreading Fake Video About Him

Mr Ken- Adele Marvelous Oruchi has sent a letter of Apology to the Speaker of the Abia State House Of Assembly Rt.Hon. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji for linking him with a Fake and malicious Video

Mr Oruchi had on the 22nd of October Posted a  Manipulated Video which was munched by a Foreign Blog, with a superimposed voice which attempted to drag the name of the Speaker as the owner of the building where some currencies were discovered.

However, Mr Ozuchi has now Investigated and found the Video to be Fake and Manipulated.

Below is a Letter of Apology to the Abia Speaker

To The Speaker

Rt. Hon Chinedu Eyinnaya Orji

Abia State House of Assembly


“I Ken-Adele Marvellous Oruchi, known in the literary community as Oruz Kennedy, on this 23rd day of October hereby issues this official apology to you on the false publication that has been circulation on the media about you.

“Yesterday, being the 22nd of October 2020, I came across the said video on the web. I downloaded it and posted on a WhatsApp group for confirmation on the authenticity of the video. Within the span of 5 minutes I was rebuked by one of the members of the group that the video is false and should not be spread”

“Immediately, I thanked the person who called me to order and I deleted the video from the group and from my phone”

It saddens me that the video was somehow circulated after that incident and has caused a bad reputation on your image.

Please I humbly apologize for causing this chaos, howbeit unintentionally.

“I would never intentionally disrespect your office or be a part of something as wicked as such.

“Please do forgive me. It wasn’t intentional

I apologise for every discomfort this has caused you. “Please forgive me Sir” he Concluded

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