Live Above Ethnic, Religious Sentiments, Group Tells Gambari

The new Chief of Staff (COS) to Presidemt Muhammdu Buhari, Prof Ibrahim Gambari, has been called upon to resist the temptation of being a  Northern or Fulani irredentist.

The Human Rights, Liberty Access and Peace Defenders’ Foundation (HURIDE), which said this in a statement issued in FCT Abuja, but release in Onitsha said that as a diplomat and scholar of international repute, Gambari should leave a legacy in his new office

In the statement signed by the chairman of HURIDE, Dede Uzor A Uzor, the rights group advised him to balance his loyalty to his boss and his commitment to the unity of Nigeria. Adding that analyses so far especially from the South West media have indicated that he might be a more rabid Northerner than his late predecessor, Abba Kyari, but they urged Gambari to shame his critics by his sterling performance of uniting the divided Nation said the group “.

He should shun all the things he has been accused of. There is still insecurity in the country in Katsina, Plateau, Delta, Kaduna,Zamfara and other states of the federation.

He should use his position to ensure that Fulanii Herdsmen, bandits and other criminal organizations are flushed out”.

They said Nigerians in their various communities have been living with Fulani Herdsmen peacefully before now, saying ” they were not bearing guns let alone AK-47, which they now use to kill, kidnap, rob, maim and rape men and women”.

HURIDE said that there have been strong insinuations that these lawlessness by Herdsmen and bandits was sponsored by the State but Gambari can advise the President to end this  killings and save the nation from further bloodshed.

The group said Gambari can change the current negative narrative if he so desires.

“The country is now divided between North and South, Moslem and Christians. He should strive to work hard to bridge the gap and build one united Nigeria” they said.

The group also urged Prof. Gambari to ensure that henceforth appointments reflect the Federal principle character, geographical spread, ethnic and relgious configuration of the country inline with our extant laws and regulations.

HURIDE said Gambari should advise the President to bring to an end the marginalisation of Ndigbo , stressing that the zone is not represented in security and other  key appointments  in the country including spread of infrastructural development hence no single federal government industry is sited in the whole South East. Dede Uzor warned.

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