Ekwenche Commends Intersociety, Opposes Proposed Military Operation In South East

The Ekwenche Research Organization and the Persecuted Christian Alliance, PCA, in Chicago, USA, has commend the International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law, Intersociety, for their tireless and selfless efforts, particularly by painstakingly carrying out three field research works in one year that not only documented gross human rights abuse and violations in old Eastern Nigeria but also contained details of economic costs that came with such state atrocities.

Ekwenche and PCA recall that the International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law had in the past one year researched and published reports on: military massacre operations in Eastern Nigeria (Dec 2018), sectional headship of key military and policing formations in Eastern Nigeria (Sept 2019); and how Easterners paid N306b ($1b) at 6,900 police and military roadblocks in 50 months in old Eastern Nigeria (Oct 2019).

The highlight of the three field research works according to Ekkwenche was murderous and atrocious militarization and police occupation of the peaceful region and economic exploitation of the citizens of the Region. The group said Intersociety’s recent data also vindicated Ekwenche and PCA and specifically confirmed Ekwenche’s earlier reports.

“As can be seen, Intersociety recent reports are very much in line even more detailed than our last presentation to the United Nations. It is unfortunately shameful that the State Governments of the day in Igbo Land and the old Eastern Nigeria in particular and the so called ‘Nigeria Federation’ in general have turned a blind eye on these documented monstrously unchecked atrocities against our defenseless and industrious people.

Speaking further the group said the staggering N306b officially robbed at gunpoint by military and police at Eastern Nigeria roadblocks from “our defenseless, peaceful and industrious People can comfortably build six universities in the Region at N50b each, or 6,000 standard community secondary schools at N50m each, or 10, 000 standard primary schools at N30m each. The amount can also comfortably reconstruct 30 failed federal roads in Eastern Nigeria at N10b per 80 kilometers each.”

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