Ferdinand Uchenna: Africa’s Cultural Icon Seeks Cooperation With Mexico To Promote African Culture

By NewsCritic Reporters

Chief Executive Officer of FEDJAB Nig Ltd, Ferdinand Uchenna, who is one of the country’s leading entrepreneurs based in Mexico is seeking for collaboration between Africa and Mexico in showcasing and promoting African culture, which he said would be of mutual benefits to the two countries.

He said that Africa has a rich historical and cultural background which has been discovered to connect with the cultural identity of the people of Cuautla, Jalisco of Western Mexico.

Ferdinand Uchenna said that a shared partnership and connections between Africa and Mexico will bring about enduring cultural relationship, and progress of the citizens. He added that the time is auspicious to deepen the cultural ties and strengthen the cultural relationships between the two countries.  

He stressed that this move will yield good results in future in terms of cultural exchange and knowledge sharing, which will in turn impact on the economic landscape as well as foster a deep understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture and values.

Uchenna, who is a renowned cultural icon stated this in Mexico during the inauguration of one of his companies, described culture as peoples’ way of life and ‘our heritage’. He disclosed that he has lived in Mexico for the past six years, and found it a good country to stay because it blended with the African culture.

“So, we’ve been in consultation together with the Mexicans to collaborate culturally because Mexico is full of culture likewise in Africa where we have a long history of culture and tradition, which is our heritage, Ferdinand Uchenna posits.  

Furthermore, the CEO of FEDJAB called on the Mexican government to assist Africa by providing a space in the universities where African culture, things would be taught, adding that in China today they have learned to cook African delicacies, make traditional African clothes etc.

He said this is the same initiative we are bringing in Mexico…”to show the world that we are the essential Africa, to partner together to make it great”.

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