Eze Daniel Ukaegbu Warns Trouble Makers As Tussle For Village Head Of Umuoriehi Threatens Peace

By NewsCritic Reporters

The traditional ruler of Isingwu ancient Kingdom His Royal Highness Eze Daniel I. Ukaegbu has warned that he will take decisive action against any group or person, who engages in activities capable of causing violence in his kingdom which has enjoyed relative peace since he ascended the throne.

Eze Daniel Ukaegbu spoke against the backdrop of the looming violence in Umuoriehi, one of the Villages in Isingwu Autonomous Community, following the intense battle that has erupted over the contest for the position of the Village Head between Chief Enoch Madubuike and Elder Uzo Madubuike.

The royal father said that it is his responsibility as the traditional ruler to coronate a Village Head for the people of Umuoriehi, and wondered how a group of villagers can appoint and swear in a parallel Village Head over and against the popularly appointed village head.

The Ngwu IV of Isingwu Autonomous Community therefore urged the parallel village head and his cohorts to retrace their steps forthwith, as they would be held responsible should their actions cause any chaos in the community.

He said that the parallel village head was sworn in by a man whose office and position did not support that being that it is only the Eze-in-Council that has authority to swear in a village head, adding that the Eze and Eze-in-council disassociate themselves from such rascality which is capable of breaching the peace in the community.   

 Said Eze Ukaegbu “since after my coronation everything has been moving on fine, some things that people thought could not be achieved have been achieved, since I became the traditional ruler. And we have been living in peace and harmony…I’ve a good cabinet that comprised of seasoned men and women who are helping to ensure that everything is moving well, so we have no problem.

“So, anyone making allegations against me should come forward and prove it. Since I mounted the throne a lot of things has happened that could bring crisis. There was a time the youths of Umuoriehi wanted to revolt and they came here and I quenched that fire because they listened to me. I called the welfare union UDU to come for dialogue, so that we can resolve the matter amicably but they refused on the grounds that they can’t sit with their children for dialogue. Since that time, we’ve not had peace in Umuoriehi village.

Talking about the village head crisis, there was a man called Chief Fine Ekpo, a very great man in this council and as if he knew he was going to die. He said if we want to talk about the village head of Umuoriehi who will succeed him, the only person qualified after him is Enoch Madubuike, we left it like that until his demise. After his death the people of Umuoriehi gathered and agreed that the next village head will be Enoch Madubuike. The three oldest men in the village confirmed it.

“Uzo Madubuike, the one I don’t know how he emerged… who has been insulting the council but that is not the basis, only that the community unanimously selected Enoch as the village head and they presented him to the Eze-in-council, and we swore him in as Village head. It is the constitutional right of the traditional ruler to confer chieftaincy titles and make village heads.

“All the allegations they are making is neither here nor there and I challenge them to prove it. He who alleges proves. Two people are fighting for the village head as it is today, Enoch and Uzo they are all from the same kindred. If two people are fighting over something and one person gets it, I think the other person can go and rest. They are looking for crisis all the time that is all they want.

“If there were mistakes made before and they wanted it corrected how can they now use Ukeato to cap Uzo as village head, and they are celebrating it. Let them go ahead with what they have done if it is good to them, why are they complaining and bothering people? So, I don’t think I have offended anybody, he adds.

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