Orisa Apugo, 84, Cries Out, Seeks Release Of Son Wrongly Accused Of Killing Junior Brother

Elder Orisa Apugo, the 84-year old medically challenged father of incarcerated Victor Apugo from Umuocham Umuawa Alaocha in Ohuhu, who was accused of killing his junior brother Onyebuchi Apugo, has cried out to the Abia State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Ikechukwu Uwanna, and relevant authorities concerned to release his son from the correctional facility Afara because he is innocent of the accusations.

Pa Orisa Apugo who is the biological father of both the imprisoned Victor Apugo and deceased Onyebuchi Apugo, also distanced the family from the false claims by one Christiana Onyebuchi Apugo, who is posturing as the wife of his late son, and alleging that she was under threat by her incarcerated brother-in-law hence needs to be protected if he is released from prison.

According to the bereaved father who spoke to journalists at his Umuawa Alaocha home over his current predicament, said that Victor Apugo has no hand whatsoever in the killing of his junior brother Onyebuchi as alleged, nor did he (Victor) at any time threatened to deal with the said deceased brother’s wife as being erroneously reported in a section of the media by the enemies of the family, saying that the said wife should come out publicly with the evidence of the alleged threat to her life.

The agonizing father said his younger son was tortured to death by the youths of Umuawa Alaocha  after he was accused of stealing, adding that Victor who is his first son was framed up by enemies of the families, who want him (Pa Orisa) to die a miserable and lonely death as his health condition has deteriorated in the absence of Victor, who was taking care of him, as there is no one left in the house again to cater for him.

He called on the Abia State Government and relevant authorities to do justice by releasing his son who has been incarcerated for the past nine months over an incident he has no hand in it.

Said Pa Orisa Apugo “They accused him of killing the brother and secondly they said my deceased son’s wife is accusing my first son Victor of threatening her life, and all these are lies. The one that died is Onyebuchi my last son and the one in prison is my first son. This was how they pursued and killed my father…

“This girl is a liar; she wasn’t married here and I don’t know her people or place. I’ve sworn to an affidavit asking the Police authorities to release my son Victor because he didn’t commit any offence…it is the same hatred they had for my father that they are transferring to me. That was how I relocated from the ancestral compound to this place. It is in Umuocham that we live and I came over to this place yet they won’t let me live in peace, they are still demonstrating their hatred on me.

“I’ve sworn that Victor can’t touch his brother let alone killing him, it’s Umuocham kindred that is behind this wickedness…it is two people Ikedinachi Moses and Chukwudike, they are the ones doing this to me, it is not as if it is the whole umuocham kindred. Chukwudike is the one that brought Police here to show them the tree where he alleged Onyebuchi was tied before his death.

“That girl is working in collaboration with the Umuocham enemies, who instructed her to implicate my son Victor, so that I will suffer and die and my family will end tragically with no one left. I’m living here alone at 84 and I don’t see clearly again, no help and they want Victor to waste in jail.

“Please I’m begging them to leave my son, and the other people, he is not the one that killed Onyebuchi, it was Umuawa youths that did, grieving Pa Orisa said.

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