Robbers Attack Abia Journalist’s Residence, Cart Away Cash, Jewelleries And Other Valuables

NewsCritic Reporters

Abia based journalist and media consultant, Mr Chidi Otuonye is counting his loses and yet to recover from the shock following the attack on his Agbama Housing Estate residence by suspected armed robbers, while he was away during the Christmas break.

Narrating his ordeal to reporters, Mr Chidi Otuonye the victim explained that he travelled with his family for the yuletide celebration, and only returned to meet his house broken into and upturned completely by the gang of thieves.

He said that the robbers succeeded by cutting the security wire and light installed on the fence, before climbing into the compound. He said while inside the compound they destroyed the back-door protector and then broke into the guest room from there they were able to access the masters’ bedroom, and other rooms through the ceiling.

NewsCritic gathered that unspecified amount of money was stolen, and box of jewelleries belonging to his wife which was valued at hundreds of thousands of Naira also got stolen, with other valuable items as well.

Vital documents were equally carted away, which raised a lot of suspicion concerning the real motive of the burglars. For instance, the whole boxes in the house, bags, wardrobes were serious ransacked and upturned by the men of the underworld, whose identity still remain unknown at the time of filing this report.

After they took time to execute their mission, they escaped through the ceiling with the help of a makeshift ladder without been caught.

The victim said he has gone to make entry to the Police, and also expressed concerns over the true mission of the robbery gang.

Last year Umuahia experienced incessant robbery attacks which the Police battled to curb the menace. Though the trend later reduced, however, there are still reports of robbery incidents at homes and shops.

At Palm Lane by Okigwe road Umuahia, a fashion design shop was burgled and the machines and cloth materials carted away during the yuletide season. Though the victim Ms Chizaram C reported the robbery incident to the Police, who also came on inspection, nothing has come out of it.    

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