Chris Akachukwu Nwa-Abia: Showcasing His Commitment To Ohuhu’s Development

During his electioneering campaign in the run up to the 2023 General Election, Chief Chris Akachukwu Nwa-Abia, the candidate of the Action Peoples Party, APP, for Umuahia North (Ohuhu) State Constituency race, unveiled his blueprint for his constituents as embedded in his manifesto.

Among the contestants for the seat, it was Chief Chris Nwa-Abia who provided pragmatic and practical descriptions on campaign issues, and on how he intends to achieve his agenda for Ndi Ohuhu if elected as Ohuhu’s representative.

Moving from village to village, and ward to ward, the founder of the Team Nwa-Abia Movement reeled out his programmes, which was aimed at uplifting the living conditions of the people of Umuahia North constituency both in terms of human and infrastructural development.

He promised the people of Ohuhu that he would make wealth creation a priority, as he hopes to create over 5000 direct and indirect jobs in Ohuhu land, as well attract business grants for business owners through the donor agencies both international and local.

Chief Chris Nwa-Abia spoke passionately about the charcoal business and how he intends to make Abia State a major producer of iron charcoal by leading the charcoal revolution.

One undeniable fact is that in spite of the fact that his house of assembly run didn’t pan out well due the conspiracy of the conspirators, Engr Chris Nwa-Abia has continue to wax stronger in implementing some of his campaign promises even as an individual with private funding.

He has personally given out business grant of N100,000 each to fifty medium scale and micro enterprises, MSME, owners in Ohuhu in the past few months to help grow their business. He also gave money to start-up businesses in the same wise to ensure that the people are economically engaged. Chris Nwa-Abia also promised to give more grants after evaluating the success of the businesses. Right now, he has sponsored 500 people in Ohuhu to acquire a skill after which they will be set up to start their own trade.

In terms of job creation and the charcoal business, Chris Nwa-Abia has walked the talk again on this score. The Nwa-Abia brand of charcoal is already being distributed in Umuahia and providing jobs for women and those interested in the charcoal business. His warehouse is located at Library avenue, precisely at the former ABSEIC office zone. He is going further to distribute the charcoal stove to help ease the burden associated with cooking gas price hike in the country today.

Perhaps, one of the major campaigns promises of Chris Nwa-Abia who holds the title of Ihie Umuahia is on infrastructural development of Ohuhu. This infrastructure cuts across road projects, streetlights, drainage channels, classroom blocks, construction of civic halls etc.

NewsCritic online reports that any moment from now the rehabilitation work on Ohuhu Ring road will commence after flag off, courtesy of Chris Nwa-Abia in collaboration with an indigenous road construction company. In fact, there is no limit to the extent he can go to ensure Ohuhu is well positioned economically, educationally, socially and politically.

He is regarded as the only candidate standing among the lot who contested in the 2023 General Election for Umuahia North State Constituency seat. This is due to the fact that he is still very visible and executing various human empowerment and development programs across the land of Ohuhu.

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