There’s No Crisis Over The Presentation Of Bishop Nwandu Onuoha As Nkwoachara Aut. Community Eze-Elect

By NewsCritic Reporters

The attention of Nkwoachara Autonomous Community Development Union and the Eze-In-Council has been drawn to a malicious report being circulated online by one Darlington Ogwuru, wherein he attempted to misinform the public, and disparage the Nkwoachara Autonomous Community Eze-in-Council and Elders of the community over their strict adherence to the constitution in the selection of the New Eze-Elect Bishop Nwandu Onuoha.

Ordinarily the respected Eze-In-Council and Elders of the community would not have bothered to honour this miscreant with a response, but for the fact that it is important to clarify the issues so that the unsuspecting public will not fall victim of their ploy to stand truth on the head in order to achieve their selfish desires.

It should be noted that simply because their candidates lost out in the traditional stool contest of Nkwoachara Autonomous Community by reason of their living abroad, which is a constitutional issue, these men have made themselves willing tools in the hands of enemies of the kingdom, who are hellbent on breaching the peace of the community.

We are aware that Darlington Ogwuru and his disgruntled cohorts have gone to collect gratification from the losers in the Traditional stool contest to foment trouble in the community, despite the very fact that the New Eze-Elect emerged through the most transparent and credible process as stipulated in our constitution.    

The public is hereby notified that there is only one recognised Welfare Union know as ‘Nkwoachara Community Development Union’ under the leadership of Chief Barr Charles Ajunwa, hence any other person parading himself under whatever name or guise is an imposter, who should face the full weight of the law.

We also want the public to know that the man sponsoring these unwarranted attacks on the Eze-in-Council because he failed in his bid to compromise the constitution, to emerge the Eze-Elect of Nkwoachara Autonomous community is from Amuihe, in Umuyota Village, the same village that produced the late traditional ruler of the Kingdom.

These reactionary forces are hereby warned to stop parading themselves as Chiefs of the community and stop further acts capable of endangering the peace of the community due to their selfish interests before the arm of the law will catch up with them.

The process for the selection of the Eze-Elect has been completed in accordance with the provisions of our constitution, and any other action against the process will be viewed as an affront and desecration of the revered traditional institution which must be resisted through every legal and legitimate means available.


Chief Barr Charles Ajunwa

President General Nkwoachara Autonomous Community Development Union/ Dep Traditional Prime Minister

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