Apostle Chucks Alozie Celebrates Birthday With Inmates, Calls On Gov Otti To Look Into Their Plights

By NewsCritic Reporters

Abia cleric Apostle Chuks Alozie today celebrated his birthday with inmates at the medium security custodial centre Umuahia, during which he admonished the inmates not to lose faith in God but to believe that God brought them there for a reason and will set them free because He is a God of justice.

Delivering a message, he titled “God is interested in your life”, Apostle Chuks Alozie quoted copiously from the book of Isaiah 61…declaring that his mission to the correctional centre was to proclaim liberty to them that are in captivity”.

Apostle Alozie told the inmates that God brought some of them there to preserve their lives, assuring that they would not end their lives in prison custody because God is going to intervene on their behalf soon.

“God is interested in your lives and no matter the condition you find yourselves; I speak to you that here won’t be your last abode because it is your turn to be set free, he declared.

He said “today 31 May, 2023 is my birthday and I heard God tell me to go and celebrate with you and yesterday the comptroller granted us approval to be here. We are here to share in your present situation”, Apostle Alozie adds, and said he has prayed God to intervene on their behalf.  

Speaking to the press at the premises of the Umuahia Custodial Centre, Apostle Alozie said his visit was divine as he shares in the pain of the inmates, and feel sad seeing over 700 inmates in a facility meant for 500 people.

“The place is overcrowded; the water situation is poor and power is not stable thereby heightening the risk of epidemic breakout. I’m asking God to intervene because so many of the inmates are innocent but languishing over a crime, they know nothing about. Some are there because there is nobody to help them come out. I appeal to our new governor Dr Alex Otti to do everything within his powers to decongest the facilities in Abia because Abia can’t be liberated while innocent people are languishing in prison custody”.

He thanked the Comptroller of Correctional Service Abia State Mrs Julie Anyanwu for giving them the necessary support to bring the message of salvation to the inmates. He prayed God to bless her efforts and love for humanity.

The highpoint of the event was the cutting of the birthday cake with the inmates together with his wife Mrs Grace Alozie Chuks. He also provided the inmates with gift items and consumables for their consumption and remembrance of this day.  

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