I’ll Bequeath A Far Better Abia Than We Inherited, Says Gov Alex Otti

By NewsCritic Reporters

Abia State governor Dr Alext Otti has promised to leave behind a far better Abia State than the one he inherited from his predecessor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

The new Abia State governor stated this in his inaugural address on 29 May, 2023 at the Umuahia Township Stadium. He said that to achieve this feat he had set up a task force charged with the responsibility of drawing up a vision and a road map for the development of Abia State.

Gov Otti also extended hand of fellowship and comradeship to all Abians, especially “our brothers and sisters in the opposition political parties in the state, who contested with him in the 18 March, 2023 election.

“The truth is that we are all winners and there is no loser, said Otti, adding that the primary motive behind our aspirations to contest at one level or the other was to raise the bar of governance in Abia State and to improve the living standard of our people”.

He said we must come together to pull Abia State out of the current sorry state and quagmire, adding that this is the time of rebuilding Abia.

“It is the time for rebuilding, not just the state’s physical infrastructure and fiscal buffers that are in a sorry state of decay. It’s the time to rebuild our individual and collective values and take back our society, he submits.

According to Otti “my major responsibility will be to ensure that the citizens and residents of Abia State, who have finally been freed from their bondage, will continue to breathe freely, and go about their daily pursuit of good and quality life”.

“Today, I stand before you, my good people of Abia State, to declare once again, boldly, that in line with my campaign theme, you should weep no more, help is here. My task is to dry your tears and help you rediscover who you are and lead you back to the pathway of sustainable growth, development, and prosperity.

Otti disclosed that we have a treasury that has been criminally ravaged to the extent that we have an alleged N50 billion in unpaid salaries, gratuities and pensions. ” Our local and foreign debt is reported to be in the region of N200 billion, in addition to other debts to contractors, he notes.

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