LP Chieftain, Chief Victor Ikeji Congratulates Dr Alex Otti, Says It Was A Long Journey To Victory


On behalf of the people of Abia State, I wish to congratulate you our Governor-Elect Dr. Alex Otti on your stellar performance as the flag bearer of the Labour Party (LP) with a wide margin of victory over your closest opponent Okechukwu Ahaiwe of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), at the just concluded Governorship election in Abia State.

It has been a long journey with obstacles and thorns strewn on your political path; notwithstanding, you remained undaunted led by the unseen hand of the Almighty.

Ndi Abia are jubilating across the country and the global village where they remained awake praying that this huge opportunity of liberation must not be allowed to slip off our hands by the same forces that held Abia captive for 24 years.

His Excellency, to whom much is given much is expected. There is no doubt your pedigree is one of a man whose mission has been defined and that mission is here.

You are a banker per excellence just as His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi who chaired Fidelity Bank and helped it experience huge growth. Your years at Diamond Bank as Chief Executive took it out of the doldrums before your resignation to face a greater challenge of liberating Abia State.

As an economist and columnist, you have tutored us with brilliant postulations and ideas on how to grow an economy. All of these will come to bear at this momentous, epic-building opportunity, the reconstruction of Abia and its economy.

We will remain loyal partners in this rebuilding of Abia just like the rebuilding of God’s temple, which fell on Solomon, his most important duty as king of Israel.

The task ahead is enormous but we believe one with God is majority. Ndi Abia believe you are a God-send and are therefore wholeheartedly behind you.

Once more congratulations Your Excellency.

High Chief Victor Ikeji
(Kpakpando Umuahia Gburugburu)

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