Abia State House Of Assembly Failed In Its Responsibilities- Hon Chimdiya APP Candidate For Ukwa East

By NewsCritic Reporters

The Action Peoples Party, APP, candidate for the Ukwa East State constituency of Abia state, Hon. Nwadei Franklin Chimdiya, has described the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as an accident of history that will not repeat itself in Ukwa in particular and Abia generally.

He said that the last 15-years of the PDP at the helms of affairs in Abia has imposed misery, ruins, underdevelopment and retrogression on the people of Abia, especially his Ukwa brethren who have been made to endure a torrid  time at the hands of successive PDP administrations, especially the present Dr Okezie Ikpeazu’s regime.

Hon.Chimdiya who spoke in an exclusive interview with NewsCritic online in Aba on Monday, blamed the serial mismanagement of the state on the failure of the Abia state House of Assembly to be alive to its responsibilities to the people they are representing, noting that the legislative arm of government in Abia has failed the people more than the executive branch.

He said his main mission to the legislative chamber will be to liaise with other progressive minds from other parts of the state to ensure that the government of the day is held accountable to the people, who are the real owners of power. “So far what is on the ground in terms of governance in the state is a system that tends to advance the interests of a few at the expense of the collective aspirations of the people. In this anti-people arrangement, the legislative arm, remains most culpable. It has failed woefully to checkmate executive ineptitude and mismanagement of the commonwealth. I am even surprised that most of the present crop of Abia legislators are still seeking re-election, with some striving to take up higher responsibilities amidst their monumental failure. We want to change this collaborative pattern of legislation. It is breeding bad governance in the state, Hon, Chimdiya noted.

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