I’ve No Health Challenge…I’m Battling With Principalities And Powers, Prof Greg Ibe Declares

By NewsCritic Reporters

Abia state governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, and Founder of Gregory University, Uturu, Prof Greg Ibe has dismissed insinuations from his detractors that he is not medically fit, disclosing that he has no medical condition except that he has been battling with principalities and powers that are at work.

Speaking to journalists in his residence at Uturu Wednesday 31 January, 2023 after the occasion of the award of scholarship worth about N8oo million to over 100 students of Abia origin to study various courses, under the auspices of the Gregory Ibe Foundation, said that his opponents have gone to town with misleading and wicked information about his health which are false.

Said Prof Ibe “people said I had amputated leg; did you see anything like that now? No need to reply, I don’t have any health challenge. My medical certificate is there, no blood pressure, diabetes etc, I have been battling with principalities and powers fighting me.”

Continuing he said “the three men who conspired against me went to my school to investigate my credentials, but I am not in any way perturbed because we are doing our best. None has been able to contribute as much as I have done for this state. I have built myself from ground zero, he adds.

“Principalities and powers are at work and God is going to conquer them, we are working hard and right now we are doing our ward to ward campaigns. Once the legal impediment is discharged you can see the momentum of my campaign. I’ve no health challenge and everything I planned is going on well.

Prof Greg Ibe who in the course of the interview brandished his WASC result, debunked presenting fake result or having any contact with one Johnson Ibe as alleged by his opponents, adding that the trio of Chike Udensi, Etigwe Uwa and Gen Ijiomah (retd), who contested the APGA primaries with him and lost have approached the Magistrate court Aba over the certificate allegation.

He said he is going to tender all the documents in the court and thereafter charge them for libel, while urging Abians not to consider them as important people because they are conspirators.

“We are going to win this election by the grace of God, he said, “nobody has our pedigree. We have a compendium of development agenda in which nobody, no community will be left behind, it’s our mantra”, he stressed.

Earlier in his address while presenting the scholarship to the students, the Ag Vice Chancellor of Gregory University, Uturu, Prof Augustine Uwakwe, called on Abians to vote in Prof Greg Ibe as the next governor of Abia State because his philanthropy would surely reach out to all.

He congratulated the recipients of this year’s scholarship and encouraged them to take advantage of this great weapon of change for self-development and emancipation.  

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