Cholera Outbreak Kills Five In Ohuhu Community, Villagers Run Helter-Skelter As WHO Traces Source

By NewsCritic Reporters

There is suspected outbreak of Cholera in Amaogwugwu Ohuhu in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State, with not less than five people killed, including two siblings. Others are said to be hospitalized and receiving treatment.
Investigations by NewsCritic online revealed that the epidemic broke out about four days ago when residents started trooping to the health centre after showing signs of the disease.
It was gathered that most of the patients had similar signs which prompted proper referral and diagnosis to ascertain the cause of the sickness. It was also learned that officials of the World Health Organization, WHO, have visited the community to take water sample from the Ikwuu River, which happens to be the only source of drinking water available to the community.
According to a community leader who spoke to this newspaper on condition of identity protection, though the WHO officials confirmed the cholera outbreak to had  been caused by the contaminated Ikwuu river.
However, he believes that there is something strange about the disease. He said the people of Amaogwugwu are known to have been drinking the Ikwuu river from time immemorial without contacting any sickness, wondering why it should happen now.
He said this is the first time they are experiencing this kind of strange disease in the community, in spite of the fact that they don’t have any other source of drinking water in the community except the Ikwuu river.
NewsCritic reports that Amaogwugwu don’t have any other source of water due to the terrain and the difficulty in striking borehole water in the area. The best they could get is Well water which always dries up during dry season.
It was gathered that the leadership of the community are making efforts to bring the situation under control, since it is now crystal clear that the Ikwuu river is contaminated. Sources disclosed that residents defecate and wash at the river banks.

This is happening at a time the doctors at the federal medical center Umuahia are on strike over non-payment of members’ salaries by the Abia State government
Meanwhile, Chief Chris Akachukwu Nwa-Abia, the Action Peoples Party, APP, candidate for Umuahia North (Ohuhu) State Constituency has intervened. It was gathered that he has sent water tankers to go and supply residents water at no cost to mitigate the problem.

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