Gov Okezie Ikpeazu Hiding Under G5 Govs To Cover His Abysmal Performance In Abia, Says Prof Ibe

The Abia state governorship candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Prof Gregory Ibe has asked Gov Okezie Ikpeazu to wake up from a purported “state of deceptive illusion and face the hard facts of abysmal performance in all sectors”.
Speaking in reaction to comments credited to the governor during the recent flag-off of PDP campaigns in Umuahia, Prof Ibe stated that only hallucination and amnesia can make Dr Ikpeazu erroneously contend that no other party exist in the state since, according to him they don’t have electoral value.
According to Prof Ibe, “I have read with pity uncomplimentary comments credited to Gov Ikpeazu during the recent campaign flag-off in Umuahia township stadium, which unfortunately turned out to be a circus of rented performers deceptively attired in PDP colours.
As reported in the media, the governor was purported to have said that no other political party exist in the state since according to him other parties have no electoral value”.
Refutting the insinuation Prof Ibe adjured the governor to face facts and acknowledge that it is rather the growing fear of losing the forthcoming election to a resurgent APGA that is making him embark on the frivolous escapade of “flying in successful governors from other states in a futile attempt to leverage their respective profiles to shore up his dwindling image as a way of covering the massive spate of woeful and abysmal performance in the governance of Abia”.
In his words,” Someone ought to tell Gov Ikpeazu to stop hallucinating and playing the ostrich by waking up to the reality of the fact that Abians have moved on from the dark ages of near collapse to the promise of a new Abia, where things work and where no one or community will be left behind, as currently championed by APGA through many social intervention programmes in the health, education, infrastructure and social welfare sectors”.
Continuing he said,” The governor should be advised to stop wasting scarce resources by flying in other state governors, since there are no roads for them to come into Abia through, just for the deceptive purpose of using their good performance in their respective states to manipulate Abians to vote for PDP.
“In the spirit of name dropping the banners of these governors who have performed well in their states are now being used to decorate the streets of our state as if pictures win elections. It won’t work this time. Our people are wiser now and know that Abia is safer in the hands of APGA since I have showed my love for the state by investing heavily here and proved sufficiently that I am better positioned to protect, preserve and prosper the state”.
In conclusion, Prof Ibe counselled Abians to discountenance the uncomplimentary remarks of Governor Ikpeazu while sustaining their unwavering support for APGA.

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