Obi Aguocha’s Ikwuano-Umuahia Reps Bid Gains More Support As Key Ibeku Clan Endorses His Candidature

The Nke Ohuhu 2023 message championed by Chief Obi Aguocha’s campaign for the Ikwuano Umuahia Federal Constituency has received a rousing endorsement from the key Ibeku clan. 

This was conveyed at a consultation meeting led by the Hon. Prince Kelechi Apugo, the first son and heir apparent to a major indigenous blood family of the Ibeku Egwu-Asaa ancient Kingdom and Founder, Global Hopes for Sustainable Rights of the Less Privileged and Leader of Abia YES Movement.

The endorsement followed an in-depth assessment of the factors of equity, fairness and justice in the distribution of political offices that have long held the progressive and peaceful coexistence of the Ndi Ohuhu and Ndi Ibeku over the years. 

The consultation with the Ibeku clan also arrived at the conclusion that  it is Ohuhu’s turn to produce the next House of Representatives member, Ibeku having served in the National Assembly (House of Representatives) under Hon. Stanley Ohajiruka and Senator T.A Orji being also the current serving Senator and member of the National Assembly; and the antecedents and leadership capacity of, Chief Obi Aguocha was well suited to be the candidate of choice by the Ibeku clan to represent the Ikwuano-Umuahia Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, come 2023.

The leader of the delegation, Prince Kelechi Apugo pleaded with the rest of the clans that make up Ikwuano-Umuahia to vote their conscience devoid of party sentiments and be obediently guided to the collective aspirations of ndị Igbo, indeed Nigeria, to usher in good governance and accelerated development of Nigeria.

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