Why I Accepted To Be Peter Obi’s Running Mate- Sen Datti Baba-Ahmed

The vice-presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed says the only reason why he accepted to be the running mate of the party’s presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi is to rescue Nigeria.

Baba-Ahmed, a 46-year-old academic, businessman and politician stated this in his acceptance speech, shortly after he was unveiled as the LP vice-presidential candidate in Abuja.

He said he believes in the genuineness, integrity and capacity of Obi to rescue Nigeria and he had no choice but to be part of the movement to rescue the country.

Baba-Ahmed, who praised the Almighty Allah for making it possible, thanked Labour Party presidential candidate and his team for finding him worthy to be his running mate in their journey to rescue Nigeria.

“I wish to begin by uploading my endless praises to Almighty Allah who gives power to whom he wills, when he wills and how he wills.

“Also, I will remain ever submissive and indebted to my leader and my principal, the President (Peter Obi) and his team who worked diligently, researched and found me worthy. I will remain forever humble and appreciate him for this honour. My task is simple to accept this nomination at this time, but in doing so, I will normally give justification as follows:

“The undeniable, unchallengeable fundamental reason for being on this ticket is to rescue Nigeria. And the whole logically and without saying it that you can only rescue that which you are involved in for Nigeria to be able to transform. I cannot afford not to be part of this movement to rescue Nigeria.

“The second reason is that I believe in the greatness of Nigeria, I believe there will be peace and prosperity, I believe that Nigerian people will unite; in fact, let me say that having come from educational background; I belong to the system where you walk into the classroom, after one hour you come out a changed person.

“Ever since I met his Excellency Peter Obi, I have been changing every day,” he said.

He said Obi told him land mass in the North is the “crude oil of Nigeria”.

“How much more nationalist can you be? How much more detribalised can you be? I see a brighter future for Nigeria from such comments,” he said.

He continued, “Then I want to justify it, who was motivated by success in the private sector and fought …and after those eight years, has maintained his integrity and honour till this day, is the one that will not fail in his campaign promises, Mr Peter Obi.

“Someone who believed in financial propriety will not engage in financial rascality. He who believes in credibility and integrity no matter who he associates with will not mismanage personal, human and public resources and he is Peter Obi.

“This is the high point in my life, in my career and I think this is pure. Having said this with all trust to Almighty Allah; with my belief that I am doing this for the sake of Nigeria, with all humility, I accept your generous invitation to be your running mate.”

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