Hon Acho Ojukwu Intensifies Consultations With PDP Stakeholders In Umuahia Central Ahead Of Assembly Primaries

By NewsCritic Reporters

Abia State House of Assembly hopeful for Umuahia Central State Constituency seat, Hon Acho Ojukwu has intensified his consultations with critical stakeholders in Umuahia Central constituency in readiness for the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, primaries coming up in May 2022.

Hon Acho Ojukwu who has procured and submitted his Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms to the PDP leadership, during the week held a stakeholders meeting with LGA and Ward officials of the party at the VIP Lounge of Glajosh Hotels, Ahiaeke Umuahia.

While addressing the stakeholders, Hon Acho Ojukwu said that he called the meeting to solicit for their support in his aspiration to represent the Umuahia Central state constituency at the legislative chambers. He disclosed that his decision to seek to represent them is based on altruism and not selfish interests.

He added that he has a mission and vision to represent his people and drive community-based projects. Chief Ojukwu advises that it is important that we should elect the right people, who would protect the interest of the masses and constituents alike, maintaining that the decisions we make today would impact either positively or negatively in our future.  

So “this is the time to decide the kind of person to send there…one who is accessible and down to earth. One who has driven development without being in government. Some people don’t even understand the duty of a lawmaker which is to make laws, including oversight functions which is community based.

“I’m privileged to be a member of world Finance Group; I have access to 54 countries in the world including access to grants. If elected member Abia State House of Assembly I will structure an intervention fund anyone can access, and it will be for welfare, business and health. So, you don’t need to knock on my door, actually there are so many things we can do just make the right choices, he cautioned.

Hon Acho Ojukwu is a grassroots politician in Urban Ward three Umuahia and he has been involved in Abia politics and instrumental to the successes of the PDP in the ward. Today, he wants to represents Umuahia Central, the seat currently occupied by the Speaker Rt Hon Chinedum Orji, who will complete his two terms in 2023.

While the people of Afara Ibeku are demanding that it’s their turn to produce the representative, the urban ward three are making a strong demand that the seat should rotate to ward three because out of the three wards in Umuahia Central, it’s only ward three that has not tested the seat.

This is why Chief Ojukwu’s aspiration is receiving wide acclamation and support also that he fits well having a rich background both in business, politics and philanthropy.

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