Those Calling On Abia Speaker To Run For Reps Don’t Mean Well For Him- Uchenna Patrick (Pat-Urchman)

By NewsCritic Reporters

The call on the Speaker Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Chinedum Orji to contest for the Umuahia/Ikwuano House of Representatives seat against the run of play has been condemned by Ohuhu businessman and philanthropist, High Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna. He described those behind the call as selfish.

Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna also know as Pat-Urchman in business circles, spoke against the backdrop of the move by a group that operates under the aegis of Ikwuano/Umuahia stakeholders, to draft the Speaker into the Umuahia/Ikwuano federal House of Representatives race come 2023, which is against the principles of zoning and rotation adopted by the constituency.

In an exclusive interview with NewsCritic online on the new development, Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna, said that the call on the speaker is against the spirit of equity and of good conscience considering the fact that it’s the turn of Ohuhu clan to produce the next Reps member for Umuahia/Ikwuano federal constituency.

Pat-Urchman warned that the Speaker must not succumb to the pressure by some bootlicker and sycophants because doing so would endanger his relationship and that of the Senator T.A Orji family with Ohuhu people, who hold the family in high esteem.

Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna appealed to Speaker Chinedum Orji to decline and or refuse the demand on him to run for such position in the interest of peace and unity of Umuahia North Local Government Area, LGA, in one hand and in the interest of the cordial and brotherly relationship Ohuhu people enjoy with the Sen T,A Orji ( Ochendo) family.

Pat-Urchman instead urged Rt Hon Chinedum Orji to vie for the governorship race with the assurances of the full support of Ohuhu people, insofar as there’s no candidate from Ohuhu who is in the race, describing it as the Speaker’s best option.

Said Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna “The call on the speaker to run is against the principles of equity and good conscience because it’s a well-known fact that it’s the turn of Ohuhu people to produce the Reps member.

He said “Mr speaker has been a very good friend of Ohuhu people and like a brother and shouldn’t allow some bootlickers to bring problem between Ohuhu people and the entire Sen T.A Orji family who are part and parcel of Ohuhu clan.

“So, I’m appealing to the Speaker to decline and refuse the pressure from some people to run for such position because it could jeopardise the good relationships, he has long built with Ohuhu people. The Ohuhu people are so much in love with the Ochendo family and he has been known as the father of equity, so based on that we are appealing that equity should run its course and Ohuhu given the opportunity to produce the next Reps member.

He is of the opinion that in the absence of any Ohuhu man coming out for governorship that “we call on the speaker to run for the governorship and have the full support of Ohuhu, in the event no Ohuhu person is interested in the job of governor, adding that “but for the Reps seat it’s exclusive for Ohuhu because it’s their turn.

High Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna, who holds the title of Agu Oriendu warned Ohuhu saboteurs to be very careful this time because Ohuhu would not take it lightly anymore with anybody who works against its interest. To him the interest of Ohuhu should be paramount irrespective of political party differences.

He advised all the aspirants for the House of Assembly, federal House of Representatives and others to learn how to play politics without bitterness as brothers and to learn how to be our brother’s keeper as well. He said “politics is a game of interest and anybody should be allowed to support any candidate of his choice. Hence, I plead to all Ohuhu people not to get involved in any form of violence because of political favour, rather I pray for a peaceful electoral process in Ohuhu land and Abaia State in general.

“The youths in Ohuhu should be strong and not to be intimidated, they should not mortgage their conscience for peanuts. This time they should reject every monetary inducement in order to restore the dignity and lost glory of Ohuhu land which was made possible by the sycophants and betrayers of Ohuhu land after Dr M.I Okpara placed us on a high pedestal.

Chief Uchenna Patrick Ogbonna ( Pat-Urchman), said 2023 would not be business as usual and warned both the royal fathers and citizens of Ohuhu to respect themselves and always stand by the truth because Ohuhu land would reward both the good and the bad accordingly.

To those pretenders purchasing nomination forms indiscriminately, he cautioned them not to be used to frustrate the chances of Ohuhu candidates because the spirit of the land would not forgive them.

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