Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu’s Unfortunate Obnoxious Vituperation Against The Founding Fathers Of Abia State

Princely Ngunu

It has remained a mystery why silk heads should deem it necessary to take an unholy toll in desperation to assure their stomach infrastructure. His Majesty Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu of Umudiawa autonomous community has thrown caution to the wind in want of cheap popularity. 

Hunger, they say, can happen to anybody. The positive learning from hunger is that it reminds us the ups and downs of life and at same time gives us the privilege of valuing life from the prism of those who could not afford a daily meal. 

Before now, one thought the challenges of hunger may have been conquered by kings and queens of our esteemed kingdoms, and communities but one is left to wonder the effects hunger with the obnoxious vituperations and unholy stand of His Royal Majesty Eze Nnamdi Oforegbu. 

Eze Nnamdi Oforegbu has left his constituency in awe for such a three sixty (360) degrees turn around on the stand of the Uhuhu larger Community. 

Come to think of it, no one can lay total claim without sighting the contributions of Ohuhu people of Abia North to the creation of Abia State. 

Ohuhu clan had and is still producing men of outstanding repute. 

If Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu, who is over eighty five year (85 yrs) an octogenarian, who have served his autonomous community for over 40 years could deem it expedient to lead a delegation of Fellow Ndi Eze to our dear Governor at Government House to seek for a Governor of Ndi Umunne ato of Abia Central extraction, where lies the hope of a common Abian?

Does it mean that the likes of the Premier of the Eastern region of Nigeria; Chief Michael Okpara, Dee Bob Ogbuagu, a veteran Journalists, one of the founding fathers of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and it’s median National President, a consummate Rotarian etc, where wrong in giving their consent and pended  their signatures to the sacred document; Abia Charter of Equity ( Onye aghala Nwanneya)

These are veterans and co-founders of Abia State who toiled, laboured and sacrificed for us to have a State we can comfortably call our own. The stand of His Royal Majesty and his fellow delegation at this precarious time when everybody are lending their support for peace and tranquillity to rain supreme and he chose to tow the opposite direction is most unfortunate. It is sacrilegious, disheartening and uncalled for. 

His unpopular stand tantamount to defiling the sanctity of our founding father’s existence. It is a violation of their achievement, defilement of their personality and deliberately pissing on their grave. The two mentioned above were the founding fathers of Abia State and the “Abia Charter of Equity” for crying out loud. They are specifically from Ohuhu Clan. 

This is a crucial moment when we must critically analyse our individual and collective stands before speaking rots of our founding fathers. 

We must at this juncture advice His Royal Majesty Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu to beware of the hands of the gods for they are not mad. 

It is very wrong for you to piss on their grave.

Princely Ngunu, wrote from Umuahia

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