Mathematics Day: Study Of Mathematics Key To Nation’s Advancement- Prof Greg Ibe

The Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu, Prof Greg Ibe has said that the study of mathematics is essential for societies that are struggling to emerge as first-rate nations in the world, while applauding the advancement in the field of applied mathematics.

Prof Greg Ibe made this observation in his message to mark this year’s International Day of Mathematics with the theme as Mathematics Unites.  The event is celebrated March 14th every year and it’s a global celebration as proclaimed by UNESCO at the 40th session of its General Conference on 26th November 2019.

In his message the Chancellor of Gregory University said “It is pertinent to iterate that March 14 is already commemorated in some countries as Pi Day even as the mathematical constant Pi is approximately 3.14.

He said “the global theme for this year’s celebration remains as always apposite and unassailable as indeed, mathematics and its applications contribute in uniting people throughout the world and in different fields of occupation as mathematics aids everyday living. To all intents and purposes, it stands unarguable that most of life’s adaptations and enhancements are underpinned by the application of knowledge of mathematics through its ancillary professions as science, technology, engineering and of course, mathematics. 

“On this occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Mathematics, I applaud advancements in the field of applied mathematics and I reiterate that the study of mathematics remains essential for societies that are striving to emerge as first rate nations even as the take up and sustenance of pedagogy in mathematics and learning experiences in our primary and secondary schools here in Abia State, Nigeria and around the world would help advance our cause as a people and quest for societal development and global acclaim. 

“I have always advocated the assimilation of mathematics by all categories of our young students as a result of its transformative power in the lives of its frontline practitioners and in communal development. As an entrepreneur and a professional in the field of accounting, mathematics played a pivotal role in ensuring positive outcomes for me in a trove of challenging situations. Hence, I have since encouraged parents and young students to embrace mathematics as not only would it open one’s mind to creative solutions to life’s challenges, it would also ensure our people become catalysts in changing the trajectory of our country, Nigeria, as it concerns technology. 

“Through an initiative of mine, the Innov8 Centre at Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, I have ensured that mathematics comes to life through its application in creating models and prototypes of life enhancing necessities some of which have been produced into modern equipment that will serve our people and our nation. This centre of excellence has played host to leaders of every hue and most recently, the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken in his last visit to Nigeria.

“Once more, I implore all our people to take up the study of mathematics and appreciate its application in our everyday living even as I salute all teachers of this sublime and creative course of study and all those who play key roles in propagating the field of mathematics.   

Happy International Day of Mathematics!

Professor Gregory Ikechukwu Ibe

Ph.D., OFR, Enyi Abia

Founder/Chancellor, Gregory University Uturu, Abia State

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