Chief Barthy Ukaogo: 2023 Umuahia North Constituency Seat Favours Isingwu, Not Ofeme


By NewsCritic Reporters

Elder statesman and political leader of Ohuhu clan, Chief Barty Ukaogo has said that the 2023 Umuahia North House of Assembly seat is for the Isingwu bloc and not Ofeme.

Chief Barty Ukaogo, who spoke against the backdrop of intense politicking and intrigues going on in Ohuhu ahead of the forth coming Umuahia North (Ohuhu) state Assembly seat election, maintained that there is no need for unnecessary apprehensions since at the end of it we harmonise.

 Said he “these are things we should expect, I don’t think there is any issue anyway because at the end of the day we harmonise. No panic whatsoever that I have seen, so at the end of it all we will bring them together”.

Continuing, the Ohuhu political leader said “personally I know that the 2023 Ohuhu constituency seat is the turn of Isingwu and not Ofeme, and that is what we are working on”, he explains.

When asked a question about Abia State and the political leadership, Chief Barty Ukaogo retorted that the current leadership in Abia has been a total failure. He insisted that Abians are looking for change which he thinks would come.

“I think the current leadership in Abia has been a total failure and people are looking for change and I think the change will come”, Chief Ukaogo opined.

The Ohuhu political leader informed that he is going to call Ohuhu people to a meeting soon to address the issue. He also expressed his gratitude to Ohuhu Welfare Union for the prestigious award bestowed on him at Methodist Church Okaiuga, adding that he is the second person to be given such honour in the entire Ohuhuland.

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