Ohuhu Constituency Seat: It’s The Turn Of Isingwu Bloc, Raymond Ofoegbu A Huge Joke- Aguocha

By News Critic Reporters

As the 2023 General Election draws closer, a stakeholder in Ohuhu and member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Abia State, Aguocha Chinecherem Jerry has said that it is the turn of Isingwu bloc to occupy the Umuahia North state constituency seat come 2023 in line with the rotation principles adopted by Ohuhu stakeholders.

Speaking in an interview with the NewsCritic online over the aspiration of some politicians from Ofeme bloc, Aguocha Chinecherem Jerry maintained that the rotation principles adopted by Ohuhu leaders and stakeholders regarding the Umuahia North state constituency position is sacrosanct, adding that justice and equity demand that it is the turn of Isingwu people to represent Ohuhu at that level in 2023.

Aguocha Chinecherem Jerry who is from Ihitte Ude Ofeme in Ohuhu stressed that it’s the turn of Umuhu to produce the next lawmaker and that it’s Isingwu that would go this time because both Ofeme and Umuhu Etiti have taken their turns, with Rt Hon Nkem Ike (late) and Hon Emeka Ejiogu having been in the state assembly before.

He regretted that sycophants and hangers on are misleading some aspirants from Ofeme to contest for the seat when they know the truth that only candidates from Isingwu are favoured to clinch the tickets.

 “So I believe in justice and equity, I want to also tell you that I’m from Ude Ofeme, but I must tell us the truth that it’s the turn of Isingwu to occupy that seat in 2023, now that it is moving back to Umuhu clan. Emeka Ejiogu was there before likewise the late Nkem Ike, so anyone coming out from Ofeme to run is simply trying to create confusion and disunity in Ohuhu land”.

“The problem we have is that political jobbers will always want to dance around for peanuts and it’s very unfortunate that our people are promoting the candidature of someone from Ofeme, when in actual fact they should know that such aspiration is intended to divide Ohuhu which is hitherto peaceful. This is a very serious accord that is being respected in Ohuhu and anyone who will want to truncate it will face the wrath of the people”.

Aguocha Chinecherem Jerry insisted that Ohuhu believes in zoning so that no bloc would feel marginalised or neglected, warning that anyone who feels he has the money to influence or alter the arrangement should be reminded that justice, peace and equity is paramount and beyond an individual’s ambition.

He went further to say that such people must desist from their malicious acts because Ohuhu is too big to be bought over with money by those who think money is everything to actualise their selfish interests. “So, let them be told that some people paid the price to get Ohuhu to this level, and won’t allow one man’s ambition to destroy it”.

The Umuahia North constituency seat is currently being occupied by Hon Kelechi Onuzurike, the deputy Chief Whip of the Abia State House of Assembly, who is currently on his second term as a legislature. He is from Okaiuga Nkwoegwu. The seat rotates among the two clans that make up Ohuhu, namely Umuhu and Okaiuga respectively.

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