Eze Chikamnayo’s Appointment Signposts Failure As Ikpeazu Leaves Office With No Legacy

By Chuks Omesie

Abia Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was being honest when he replaced John Okiyi Kalu with Eze Chikamnayo as Commissioner for Information and Strategy. In Chimkanayo, the governor simply accepted that he has failed as a leader, therefore needs an attack-dog who can eat any shit thrown at him and still bark.
Attack dog scares people away by barking, Aba is in such a terrible mess that a conscienceless soul like Eze Chikamnayo is urgently needed by the governor, who is leaving Abia, after 8years without any single legacy.
Look at the flyover at Osisioma junction over which Eze Chikamnayo is attacking Hon. Obinna Ichita, it was him (Chikamnayo) who first said that APC government stopped the Aba flyover using structural design as excuse. He appealed to Abians to appeal to APC government to allow Ikpeazu complete the Osisioma Inter-Change.
Obinna Ichita repeated the same only adding that it would be pulled down if that’s the case, which is normal, and he started insulting him.

Their best response to Hon Obinna Ichita would have been to mobilize contractors back to the site. But no way, they won’t, because there’s an element of truth in what Hon Ichita said.
That flyover project that is roughly 1 kilometer long was started in 2016, a video was made of how Gov Okezie Ikpeazu is turning Abia into Akwa- Ibom State using the flyover. It has been 5- years in construction under several excuses. Within same period, Gov Dave Umahi of Ebonyi has done over 10 flyovers in Ebonyi, Nyesome Wike has whitewashed everywhere in Rivers with Flyovers, likewise Adamawa, war-torn Borno, Kaduna, and poor Jigawa state to mention but few states which has started far bigger flyovers and completed them without controversies.
I remember Dr Alex Otti saying in 2019, that Okezie Ikpeazu will not complete the flyover and the governor personally attacked him.
So, why not mobilize the contractors back to site. Arab Contractors has started work again on the other end of the road, once they sand fill the road like they did the other end, tankers carrying oil from NNPC Depot at Osisioma cannot cross under it, which will destroy the entire reason why the flyover is there.
So, anyone suggesting that it would be pulled down is in order. The structural engineering of the Flyover is a mess as a result of this and
Aba looks totally abandoned. The so much celebrated cement technology at Abayi road close to Osisioma junction is in total mess. The over N6bn Faulks road is in a total mess after just 2-years.

In all these, who did the media cowboys chose to honour, the local traffic controller that sends untrained touts to the streets to not control traffics, but look for portions of the roads in a mess and unmotorable to block and arrest innocent motorists looking for a way out for violating traffic. Then charge them N50,000 on the spot or take them to office where they would pay N150,000. And the honoured traffic controller called Osama will boast that if you like you can call anyone, even if you call Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu, that he would not save you. And that’s true, because Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu has established his kinsmen to criminally get rich at the pains of others. Visitors and transporters have started avoiding Aba as a result of the state of the roads.

Do we even talk about refuse heaps that are taking over the city? Coming from the environmental background, one may think that aspect would have been the top priority of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu administration. But, not at all. He handed that aspect to his uncle to settle him before he leaves office. So, while they abandoned their services, they’re busy harassing people for money.

In a chaos state like this, Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu being someone that still faces some level of inner truth, needs an attack dog that eats its vomit to act as an attack dog. So, Eze Chimkanayo perfectly fits in for the government in the situation we found ourselves now. He’s just a local version of Femi Fani Kayode. Chief Eze Chikamnayo should respect himself and not add insult to our injuries.

Chuks Omesie (Digits) writes from Aba, Abia State.

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