Depositing Of Corpses In The Mortuary Responsible For Hardship Confronting South East- Rommy Ezeonwuka

The spiritual leader of the Igbo nation Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka (Ogilisi Igbo) has traced the challenges facing Ndigbo in Nigeria to what he described as “failed cultural and traditional leadership” which he said paved the way for Ndigbo to accept the idea of depositing dead bodies in mortuaries.

Speaking on the challenges facing Ndigbo and what is expected of Ndigbo in response to the challenges, Chief Ezeonwuka observed that the idea of keeping corpses in mortuaries is a breach of Igbo culture and tradition that has brought untold hardship on entire Igboland.

He therefore blamed the challenges facing Ndigbo to what he described as “the anger and venom” of aggrieved souls of the dead bodies that are under indefinite lockdown and languishing in mortuaries across Igbo land. This is even as the challenges facing Ndigbo in Nigeria such as political marginalization, violent crimes, bad condition of roads, dirty environment, poverty and unemployment have continued to linger without possible solution in sight.

Speaking on what Ndigbo could do to give effective response to these challenges listed above, Chief Ezeonwuka stated that the first and important step is for Igbo leaders such as the Ohanaeze Ndigbo under Professor George Obiozor, the town unions and traditional rulers, is to revive the Igbo culture on burial which is about committing dead bodies to 6ft within 24hours and to get the funeral done on a later date, and consequently abolish the idea of people depositing dead bodies in mortuaries in entire Igboland.

The Ogilisi Igbo who revealed that the spirit of the corpses in the mortuaries are breeding out fear, ghosts, violent hoodlums, zombies and vampires among the youth stressed the need for Igbo leaders to look inwards and find out where things have gone wrong and also find out how to make corrections, noting that the issue of keeping dead bodies in cold room is one of the areas where things have gone wrong in Igboland and needed to be corrected. He observed that Ndigbo are seeing wrong things in Nigeria such as poor political leadership forgetting that the problem of poor cultural and traditional leadership are hurting Ndigbo badly and even worse than political leadership.

He explained “Everybody is blaming the problems of Ndigbo to bad political leadership in Nigeria but as the spiritual leader of the Igbo nation, I see most of our problems as offshoot of the failure of cultural and traditional leadership. For instance the upsurge of mushroom Churches being rooted by fake pastors that are promoting idleness, crime, poverty and laziness in Igboland is consequent upon the failure of cultural and traditional leadership. Igbo culture and tradition don’t accept poverty and promote hand work and hard-working but these mushroom Churches promote idleness and poverty”

He continued “Mushroom Churches are worse than coronavirus because they lock people down in working hours and tell them to expect miracle that will never happen and at the end of the day people take to crime to earn a living. Let me, therefore that I am privileged to use this opportunity to draw the attention of Igbo socio cultural and traditional leadership under Professor Obiozor led Ohanaeze, town unions and traditional rulers to retrace the Igbo steps and collaborate with State government to abolish the idea of depositing corpse in mortuary and also as a matter of urgency abolish mushroom Churches in Igboland”

According to him, both God and Angels in heaven are no longer listening to Ndigbo because it’s against the law of God and the Angels to keep dead bodies in mortuaries. He warned that it is very dangerous for people not to have the attention of God and the Angels adding that the implications is that in the long run Ndigbo will face the wrath of drug addicted hoodlums, ziombies and vampires who will violently kill and chase everybody out of Igboland.

He also called on Church leaders such as the Catholic and Anglican Bishops to see reason with his revelation on the harms being inflicted on Ndigbo by dead bodies in mortuary and stop the idea of Christian adherents under their leadership depositing dead bodies in mortuary henceforth. He repeatedly warned that if the corpses that are locked down in mortuaries across Igboland are not evacuated and buried immediately, their spirits will not just continue to inflict untold hardship on Ndigbo but also in the long run posses the youth and turn them to violent hoodlums, zombies and vampires in form of political and religjous fanatics that will kill and chase everybody away.

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