Keke Union in S/E Comdemn Manhandling and brutalization of TOAN Workers By Onitsha Area Commander

The Conference of Keke Union in in South East (COKUSE) has unequivocally condemned in a very strong term the manhandling and brutalization of two workers/members of Tricycle Owners Association of NIgeria (TOAN) Anambra State Chapter by the Onitsha Police Area Commander, John Obuagbaka

The duo Paschal Ozioko and Ekechukwu Ebuka were on their legitimate duty working for TOAN at Owerri Road, when the Area Commander with his team arrested and took them to Area Command office at Enugu Road.

According to one of them, it was in his office that Obuagbaka, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), brought out 2×2 plank and rough handled and inflicted on them with multiple injuries leaving different degrees of lacerations in their body.

In the statement by the COKUSE,signed by the Campaign and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Simon Ogugua, they alleged that the Area Commander and his patrol team accosted the duo at Owerri Road, Onitsha at their duty post.

He directed that they should be bundled to his office despite showing him their identity cards that authorized them to sell IGR and Union tickets which they were holding at that material time but the Area commander insisted taking them to the station.

When they got to the Area Command office, they were severely beaten up and told that for the next six months they will not come out of the road “as if they were dragging TOAN Union with the Area commander” he’s allegedly having sympathy for other new Keke Union.

He was also reminded in the process that he is the one who gave the instruction that they should obtain ID cards in which they should work with but he did not listen to them, rather he held them with his men and beat them with 2×2 plank until one of them became weak and fainted before he ordered them to get out from the Area command with serious lacerations in their body.

The Area Commander was allegedly known for violating people’s basic rights.

A lawyer was sometimes ago manhandled by his team which led to protest by members of NIgeria Bar Association (NBA), Onitsha branch and judgements giving to lawyers victims favour.

COKUSE call on the Police Service Commission (PSC)and Inspector General of Police (IGP) to immediately reprimand and send him for refresher course to be intune with IGP basic principles on how to deal with citizens and maintain human rights, Ogugua cautioned.

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