A Wake Up Call For Ndi Ohuhu In The Unfolding Political Scenario

By Nwaiwu Stanley

“You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go”-Jim Rohn.

A typical Ohuhu person is pragmatic. Usually he looks beyond the immediate and may not necessarily be harassed or hampered by his immediate circumstances.
Little wonder why Ohuhu families have graciously started enjoying basic amenities like pipe-borne water, electricity, good road networks etc early in the days of yore while their surrounding neighbours were still sleeping.
Albeit, these laudable achievements were boldly evinced by the pragmatic late Dr. M I. Okpara. His welfarist posture and undertaking affixed Ohuhu in the canvas of recognition socially, politically, economically and otherwise.
The pertinent question begging for consensus should be, how has Ohuhu as a people exploited those legacies he left behind especially in the political platform?
It is disheartening to note that since Dr Okpara’s demise, no Ohuhu man or woman has seen it fanciful to look for that shoe he left behind to size it up. Rather, we are busy pursuing parochial, selfish interests at the peril of the Ohuhu collective enterprise and patrimony.

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Ohuhu seems to be having a field day in political deficits.Can we bow down our head in collective guilt and recollect the last time an Ohuhu man or woman was at the centre at Abuja, be it red, green or blue chamber?
Ohuhu nation was gradually reduced as cheerleader, that galvanizes and enthrones others into elective positions.

Yes, Ohuhu had made lackluster attempts for the Governorship slots in the state but what happened?
These attempts were imperilled by trust, betrayal, hatchet-jobbery, mudslinging, shared hatred and petty jealousy.
Ohuhu indigenes always made forays into the Federal House of Representatives. It was Chief Ikemba Adimoha that made it to the Green chamber at the short lived Second Republic.
Well,the author of this piece stands to be corrected if there had been any other person, except pockets of infantile expression of interests.

Ndi Ohuhu the call becomes so strident and the need to come out from our political cocoons and lingering inertia to take our place of political assertion and relevance. Let us all rise beyond our partisan appeal and selfish hibernation and throw our hats into the ring.
With our numerical strength and political connection we claim a stake in the Green chambers.
Ohuhu may not be asking out of tune to be considered for such stake. We have really sacrificed much political goodwill and concession to consider other stakeholders. Now should be a pay back time. What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

Ndi Ohuhu there is no better time to engage in politics of inclusiveness and rapprochement than now. Let us take a shot at it. Posterity will be fair to us if we grab this opportunity with both hands.

Nwaiwu Stanley Chukwuma writes from
Nkata Okpuala

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