Obi Aguocha: The Man And His Crown!

By Nwaiwu Stanley Chukwuma

It is no longer news that Sir Obi Aguocha, the President General, PG, Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide has taken leadership to an unassuming pedestal in Ohuhuland.
It is also not news to us that his late father,the most talked about Dr.O B Aguocha was a past President of this Ohuhu body. Also, it should no longer be a news to us that the duo have a lot in common: the projection of Ohuhu positive identity of all the departments of economic, social and psychological emancipation.
The striking feature in these two patriotic Ohuhu individuals is that while the late Dr. NAguocha was into partisan politics with high rising profile as commissioner in different portfolios, the younger Aguocha remained in the homestead galvanizing his subjects for better life for the masses.
A tale of two honchos!

Sir Obinna Aguocha, since the assumption of office as the Ohuhu numero uno has left nobody in doubt that he is poised to change the inglorious and dwindling narratives of the Ohuhu nationhood.
His attention to all the socio-economic challenges bedevilling our Ohuhu patrimony has been prehensile and his commitment to give succour to his subjects,total and untainted.
In his characteristic bridge-gaping expeditions, he visited the Vice Chancellor Abia State University, Uturu, where he canvassed for a cordial relationship between that great citadel of learning with the Ohuhu nation. And we are still reaping the dividends of that auspicious visit.
His knack to add employment values took him to the Ministry of Homeland Security where he solicited for slots to be given to Ohuhu indigenes for employment opportunities.
In the areas to secure Ohuhuland, Sir Obi Aguocha has never faltered a bit.
He was able in cahoots with the body of Ohuhu Ndi-Eze instituted a formidable security outfit in Ohuhu that can make Ohuhu people sleep with their two eyes firmly closed in the night.

However, Sir Aguocha scored a decisive point when he galvanized his citizens both home and abroad to provide succour and palliatives to thousands of home and families during the Covid-19 debacles. Most families were spared by being not wiped out.
This author is being constrained by time and space to inform the world about what makes Sir Obinna Aguocha a primus inte pares.
As countdown to 2023 looms, is it not worthwhile for Ohuhu to look inwards and look for a formidable force that will take us to our desired emancipation.

Digital PG Gburugburu has the verve, capacity and pedigree to transmute to partisan toga for the collective good of the Ohuhu enterprise.

Nwaiwu Stanley Chukwuma writes from Onitsha

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