Controversy: Nigerian Flag Remains Hoisted At Bishopscourt Nnewi- Anglican Bishop

Nigerian Flag remains hoisted at Bishopscourt, Nnewi.

Kindly disregard and discard the online publication captioned: “Nnewi Anglican Bishop Bans National Anthem And Nigeria Flag in Churches”, which has been trending on social media; and being hosted by some online blogs, since Thursday, July 8, 2021. The media blogs published false news. The Bishop of Nnewi did not ban any national symbol. There is no evidence to support such allegations. The Bishop of Nnewi was quoted out of context.

The Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion) recognizes the National Anthem and National Pledge, Nigerian Flag and Coat of Arm as common properties and national symbols of Nigeria. The Diocese of Nnewi frowns at citizens who handle these national symbols anyhow. Nigerian Flag and National Anthem are important to all good citizens. Citizens are free to use the symbols for good intentions. The Nigeria flag hoisted at Bishopscourt, Nnewi, is enough evidence to convince anyone about the position of the Diocese on this matter. In fact, we have all these national symbols in our schools and some offices. At our recent school routine visitation for supervision and inspection, we encouraged the head teachers, teachers and students to recognize the values and beauty of these national symbols, including official portraits.

It may interest you to know that immediately the Rt. Rev. Ndubuisi Obi, became the Bishop of the Diocese of Nnewi in 2019, he introduced Diocesan flag to be used in all Diocesan ceremonial functions. Prior to that, the apex church – Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) introduced the Church of Nigeria flag as one of the national church symbols. The Bishop of Nnewi saw the Diocesan flag as one of the symbols of the Diocese which the church-based organizations and fellowship should equally recognized. He encouraged the members of the Diocese to embrace the Diocesan Anthem which was formulated before he became the Bishop of Nnewi. He enjoins the choristers, Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, and other youth organizations to join in chanting the Diocesan Anthem during divine services and Diocesan ceremonial activities.

Poor leadership or governance is our main headache, not national symbols. People are not happy because of the way things are being done today in Nigeria. It has resulted in many agitations. However, the Diocese of Nnewi is ever ready to support a movement that will entrench good governance for the citizens of this country. We clamor for a country where the government is open, accountable and responsive to the yearning of the people. We want to see a nation where healthcare, quality education, potable water, electricity, transportation, communication will become available to all our people no matter where they are in the nation. We want a country where security of life and property will be a reality.

Thank you for your understanding.

Venerable Dr. Nelson ILUNO,
Episcopal Assistant in Clerical Matters,
Diocese of Nnewi (Anglican Communion)
July 8, 2021.

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