‘There’s Injustice Being Perpetrated In Ohuhu That Must Be Corrected’

Hon (Chief) Uchenna Patrick needs no further introduction, he is the outspoken and fearless Ohuhu businessman with interests in manufacturing, import and export and long-distance haulage. In this concluding part of his interview with NewsCritic online, he speaks on his relationship with the late Prophet TB Joshua and on Ohuhu politics. Excerpts:

Q. We came across a picture you took recently at the Synagogue Church of All Nations Ikotun-Lagos, and would like to ask if you are a member of the church or what?
A. Yes, Prophet TB Joshua is a friend and a man who I admire so much, but I’m not his church member because I don’t attend his church. I’m of Redeemed Christian Church of God only that I fell in love with his philanthropy and charity works. People know me very well as a man who likes to help the poor in our midst, so when I discovered that he has the same calling with me I got close to him. I felt terribly sad when I heard the news of his death, he is a very kind hearted man of God that should be emulated. He is always there for the poor and the needy, which is the true essence of Christianity. Prophet TB Joshua is the only pastor I’ve seen in Nigeria who practiced practical Christianity which Jesus Christ preached. So, we share the same beliefs in terms of charity and humanitarian activities.
Q. The Ohuhu Welfare Union, OWU, organised a prayer summit recently to pray and hand over Ohuhu in the hands of God. Did you participate?
A. Well I wasn’t informed at all, I got the information on social media and as a dedicated Christian and someone that has the fear of God, I joined them online and connected myself spiritually with them because the Bible teaches us that distance is not a barrier. That day I fasted and prayed for Ohuhu land, I prayed that God will continue to bless Ohuhu land and unite us together. That is the most important thing because the Bible says where there is no peace there won’t be unity and progress, I want Ohuhu to be united I don’t like hearing contradicting news.
The two clans that make up Ohuhu, Umuhu and Okaiuga clans, I want us to be united for success. I also prayed God to take away every form of injustice and for equity to be enthroned in Ohuhu land.
Q. What do you mean when you say take away injustice and for equity to reign in Ohuhu land?
A. The rate of injustice in Ohuhu land is growing high, there is discrimination and things are being done to favour a particular section ahead of the other clan. Things are going wrong and it is affecting the unity of Ohuhu land, and I’m pained about it.
Some of the injustices being done in Ohuhu today is sending out wrong signal about our oneness and must be addressed if Ohuhu want to truly claim we are one. Now, take for instance, I read how Ohuhu PDP stakeholders visited Mrs Olileanya Nwaoha, the former PDP state women leader is sick and extended good gestures to her to help in her medications and payment of sundry medical bills.
But do you know that my mother, Ezinne Chianafulam Ogbonna was a PDP women leader in Ohuhu land and she has been on the sick bed for a long time, yet nobody remembered to visit her because she is from Umuhu divide. My mother was dedicated and worked assiduously for the development of PDP in Ohuhu and Abia state during her time. If you like go and ask HRM Eze Ifeanyichukwu Nwokonna, who was then a politician to brief you on the efforts of my mother towards the success of PDP in Ohuhu land or you can ask Dee Chibuisi Onwuneme. So, my mother has been ill for many years now and because she is from Umuhu clan nobody has asked about that women that helped PDP in Ohuhu land.
We are not complaining because God has helped us exceedingly well that whatever is needed to take care of her is not lacking. All we are saying is for them to show concern, and stop discriminating against Umuhu people. They visited the PDP women leader from Okaiuga who is sick and gave her reasonable amount of money to help in her medications. We don’t need the money but to let them know that what is good for the Okaiuga person is also good for the Umuhu people. Treat people equally, ask Chief Lucky Akabuike he knows my mother. That woman you have not been seeing and you never cared to know if she is dead or alive because she is from Umuhu, is not fair?
Secondly, there are two clans that make up Ohuhu, the Umuhu and Okaiuga clans and we are brothers. This idea of building every Ohuhu project in Okaiuga is not good, and should be corrected in the true spirit of brotherliness and equity sake. Now we’ve a police station called Ohuhu Division which is located at Okauiga, there is nothing wrong about it. There is another project, the construction of the Customary Court which should ordinarily been located at Umuhu, so that development will be evenly distributed across board but was sited at Okauiga. As if that one was not enough, a mini-stadium project is underway and I expect the stakeholders in Ohuhu whether of the PDP or APC to support and ensure that the stadium project is sited at Umuhu to promote the bond and unity among us the more.
I’m told that the handlers of the project have acquired land space at Okaiuga where they want to site the stadium which is bound to cause ill feelings of injustice against the Umuhu clan. It is a historical fact that Umuhu has more land space than Okauiga, so why should the stadium project be sited at Okaiuga and not Umuhu? It will only be proper for them to move the site of the stadium project to Umuhu for the sake of peace and unity of Ohuhu land. I want to ask that the next prayer for Ohuhu be held at any Anglican or Methodist Church in Umuhu, so that in that way nobody will feel marginalised or discriminated against.

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