Exclusive: Old Aba Division Must Complete 16-Years Before Power Returns To Old Bende – Prof Max Nduaguibe

By Newscritic reporters

Chairman of the Ukwa-na-Ngwa Elders Council and former governorship aspirant, Professor Max Nduaguibe, has said that the only zoning arrangement operational in Abia State is the Old Bende and Old Aba division zoning formula.
He said it was on the basis of this that Abia State was created, adding that any zoning arrangement outside the Old Bende and Aba division is not recognised.
Speaking in an interview with Newscritic online, the Professor of Law maintained that there is now way the Old Bende division would do 16-Years in power, while we ask the Old Aba to do only 8-Years, as he queried ”on what grounds?
The Chairman of the Ukwa-Ngwa Elders Council stressed that it is Chief Orji Kalu, who is trying to claim that the zoning of the Abia governorship is on the basis of senatorial districts, saying “and we don’t recognize it”.
When asked if he is in support of the Ngwa block clinging on to power beyond 2023, Prof Nduaguibe answered that the Ngwa project has his full backing. “Yes of course, I am in support of the Ukwa-Ngwa staying in power beyond 2023. If you are from Abia State you will know that we have the Old Bende and Aba Division, these are the two divisions we know in this state. There is no way the Bende group will do 16-Years and you ask the Ngwa group to do only 8-Years. It doesn’t show fairness, does it?”, he asked.
When asked if he thinks the larger Abia stakeholders will agree to this argument of zoning on the basis of the old divisions, Prof Max Nduaguibe, said that even if we want to go on the basis of senatorial districts, that there is nothing wrong in the Ngwa side of Abia Central to produce the next governor of Abia State.
Said Prof Nduaguibe ” I know some people are being mischievous, they are not doing that in good fate. So there’s nothing absolutely wrong in the Ngwa side of Abia Central to produce the next governor of Abia State since the Umuahia side had governed for 8-Years”.
Answering to a question put to him whether he is saying that the 2023 contest should be thrown open, and if he will also support a candidate of Umuahia stock, Prof Nduaghibe said he is not saying that the race should be open.
On the Umuahia candidate running he said “It is a different thing to aspire to run and it’s a different thing to be elected. Even if an Umuahia man runs and the entire Ngwa people decide not to vote for him, he will never be governor”, he submits.

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