Ebonyi PDP Women Mobilizer Denies Link With Onyekachi Nwebonyi

I write to officially state that I have since dissociated myself from Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi and his political abracadabra. This official statement became necessary as a way of correcting some confusionists, who are beginning to peddle rumour that I am sliding into the APC through Onyekachi Nwebonyi.

In this light therefore, I hereby declare as follows;

1.That, as the current Executive Secretary of our great party (PDP) in Ogboji ward, I remain committed to the party and I have no reason whatsoever not to be committed to PDP course.

  1. That I recognize Chief Fred Udogu, the only state Chairman of PDP as authenticated by the National Working Committee of our great party.

3.That my recent non- participation in some PDP meetings and activities is because I am a nursing mother of a six week old baby.

4.That as soon as my baby is due for outings, I will resume my full participation in all PDP activities as usual.

5.That it will be an act of regrettable error and ingratitude for anyone in Ezza North and Ishielu to think of leaving PDP after all the good works and legacies of Honourable Anayo Edwin Nwonu(ANATEX) of the House of Representatives.

6.That our ward remains a PDP ward and as the ward secretary, we will continue to work together in order to ensure we maintain the status in the ward because we cannot afford to allow even 1% of our people, especially the women slide into the terrorists party, APC.


Chioma Esther Oko-Nweke
PDP Secretary,
Ogboji ward

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